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A Day in the life at a Tech Compay and why do softs skills matter

Zaki is an inspiring manager at the biggest Systems/TSS Client Innovation Center in IBM and currently part of the University Relations program in Bulgaria. As having more than 10 years in the IT industry, being an engineer, people manager and …

Digital Transformation: 9 years of business astuteness

Organizations with digital mastery are the nirvana for all those involved in Digital Transformation, due to superior business execution and results. This type of astuteness deals with aligning organization's capabilities to an improved business value proposition, leveraged by the use …

Various HRM lectures

Deendant on the interest I am able to organise customised HRM- and Change Mgt-lectures for both bachelor and master studies

Getting to know the Academic Initiative

The IBM Academic Initiative is a self-service program that provides students and faculty at accredited academic institutions with access to select IBM resources at no-charge for classroom and non-commercial research purposes.

Find out how to register for the Academic Initiative and …

Want to become a Tech Entrepreneur ? Here's how I did it and you can too.

Webex link :

The link to this and other related webinars can also be found on the IBM Z Global Student Hub

How to Rock a Hackathon pitch with best business canvas ever!


Personal Branding: A 5-step guide for creating & owning your brand.


Create your own Purpose-Driven Career


Introduction to Building Your Personal Brand

This one-hour module provides an introduction to Personal Branding, with exercises for the participants to start building their own personal brand.
Personal Branding is the most effective strategy you can use to achieve professional success and fulfillment. In this session, …

AI bots, what are they and how can/do they affect your role as a Leader/Manager?

Created so it can serve as a discussion starter for teachers delivering leadership training or used for starting a class discussion.

Through a combination of talk, video demonstration and Q&A the focus is on understanding what AI bots are, some of …

Scaling Agile in Danish Companies

Frameworks to scale agility in an organizational setting, especially SAFe, are increasingly becoming more applied in Danish organizations but few are exploiting the optimal benefits from the implementation. From years of practical experience and observation, this lecture addresses the challenges …

Gamification AND Agile in a Nutshell

Gamification and Agile are both very important words when it comes to team motivation, but, believe me, these two concepts have way more in common than meets the eye. What if you could learn the basics of them BOTH in …

Applying Agile & Gamification in Completely Unexpected Moments

If you think Agile methodologies can only be applied in given IT projects, the time has come to think about it again. Let's understand together the meaning of "agile to the core" and how it relates to gamification somehow.

Emotional Intelligence

Adaptability, persistence and decision making are the key survival skills for every living creature. Today we are facing unique challenges that influence our emotions and ability to adapt to the new reality as individuals and as society.
If you are curious …

Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

"A problem well put is half solved."
- John Dewey

Project Management from a supplier perspective

Lecture on Project Management from a supplier perspective during the bachelor education IT software development. Important topics that are covered is project goals, contract management, agile, risk management, stakeholder analysis etc.

The A to Z of Technical Leadership

What is technical leadership? In fact, what is a leader in general?

This 1 hour lecture will discuss the attributes that lead to you becoming a strong leader in technology.


Leadership Development

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Leadership Development

Sharing IBMs approach to and execution of Leadership Development. Can be used as a lecture or as background for groupwork, discussions, panel debate etc.


Leadership Development

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Building your Digital Eminence

Derived from internal IBM course, this one hour interactive session gets students to focus on what they want to be known for, and how that is reflected in their digital presence. Students pair up and research each others internet presence …

Leadership Lessons from IBM

This is an interactive session that gets students to think about leadership traits that they appreciate, and behaviours to avoid. It draws on external sources including Daniel Goleman's research on Emotional Intelligence and leadership, Joel De Luca on Organisational Politics, …

Handling difficult conversations

This one-hour module looks at how we handle those business discussions that we might regard as difficult. As our career or business grows, so does the frequency and complexity of such conversations. The module draws on research including the Arbinger …