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Holistic automation approach with Digital Business Automation @ IBM

Lecture on the holistic automation approach @ IBM with the Digital Business Automation / Cloud Pak for Automation platform.

Business transformation & IT Trends

Lecture provides introduction into the topic of Business transformation and how companies can approach it, types of transformation along with practical examples. Presentation of actual IT trends which can support company transformation such as Automation, AI, Cloud, IoT.

Replays from IBM THINK 2020

Due to the health of IBM's clients, employees and partners being our primary concern. IBM had taken a new approach to its signature event. Normally an invite only event with world-class speakers in the industry it is now open to …

Scaling Agile in Danish Companies

Frameworks to scale agility in an organizational setting, especially SAFe, are increasingly becoming more applied in Danish organizations but few are exploiting the optimal benefits from the implementation. From years of practical experience and observation, this lecture addresses the challenges …

Gamification AND Agile in a Nutshell

Gamification and Agile are both very important words when it comes to team motivation, but, believe me, these two concepts have way more in common than meets the eye. What if you could learn the basics of them BOTH in …

Applying Agile & Gamification in Completely Unexpected Moments

If you think Agile methodologies can only be applied in given IT projects, the time has come to think about it again. Let's understand together the meaning of "agile to the core" and how it relates to gamification somehow.

Rethinking Weather: The Resilience Imperative and the Power of Data

In a time of increasing weather chaos, weather data is empowering companies, saving ecosystems, protecting communities, engaging consumers, and informing investors to build a more resilient world.

In this presentation, Paul discusses how companies / governments are leveraging AI, weather data …

Project Management from a supplier perspective

Lecture on Project Management from a supplier perspective during the bachelor education IT software development. Important topics that are covered is project goals, contract management, agile, risk management, stakeholder analysis etc.