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Digital Transformation: 9 years of business astuteness

Organizations with digital mastery are the nirvana for all those involved in Digital Transformation, due to superior business execution and results. This type of astuteness deals with aligning organization's capabilities to an improved business value proposition, leveraged by the use …

How to establish a new market positioning with service transformation in equipment management

Learn how to use equipment management as a door opener towards a new market positioning for a company's product-to-services transformation. Learn about technical challenges and business risks and how to overcome them along specific industry examples and case studies.

Establish an operational enterprise transformation program to step-wise transform into a cognitive enterprise

As more and more companies struggle in managing transformational programs and continuously applying new technological capabilities to their business in order to create value, the need for a comprehensive yet acceptable implementation strategy consolidates.
A digitalization strategy with a strong …

How to accelerate innovation with Design Thinking and Agile Development

Learn how to practically apply design thinking and agile development methods in product development and innovation management. The course gives real project examples and hands-on exercises to apply design thinking and agile development methods.

The Why, What and How of Digital Reinvention. And the 30+ shots we have made in the Journey of promoting, selling and delivering it in Nordics

Presentation originally delivered to Nordic Technical Council (TEC) 2017. Main sections including:

Why: Strategic context
Selected materials from IBM Global C-suite study 2015
Example from the Swedish retail ecosystem

What: IBM Digital Reinvention™ Framework
Seven drivers
Blended iterative strategy & technology process – …

Client Case Lecture: Vasaloppet - Changing the customer offering in response to the corona pandemic

During 2020, the Corona Pandemic was an unexpected event affecting the world, Sweden and Vasaloppet. Consequences were severe at the point of writing this summary, only time will tell the final social and economic effects.
Due to lead-times and participants’ …

Client Case Lecture: How to Become an Experience Leader (Pierce)

This lecture is about the Experience Leader project that IBM Sweden conducted for Pierce during four weeks in Aug and Sep 2017. The full report delivered to PLT on Sep 8th includes details from the Digital Reinvention maturity assessment, comprehensive …

The Strategy Club 9: Digital Strategy

13:00 Introduction: What is "Digital" and what is Strategy?
13:15 Digital strategy from a business model perspective
14:00 Typical digital opportunities and challenges

Join Consulting - See the World

--- Lecture given multiple times to students at Master's level in Strategic Management and Information Systems ---

13:15 Intro
13:25 Digital Reinvention and e commerce Business Models - The Pierce case: How to become an Experience Leader
13:45 The Glamour of Management …

Transformacion Digital

Reinvencion digital y su impacto en el mundo de los negocios. Como datos, cloud y la inteligencia artificial estan transformando el modo en que las empresas generan valor, capturan nuevos mercados y deleitan a sus clientes. El camino de adopciónn …


Cloud & DataDigital Reinvention

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Various HRM lectures

Deendant on the interest I am able to organise customised HRM- and Change Mgt-lectures for both bachelor and master studies

Inteligencia Artificial: Asistentes Virtuales

Visión General de los Asistentes Virtuales.
Los chatbots llegaron para quedarse y hoy en dia son un gran factor de re-invención, dentro y fuera de empresa.
Sus usos son ilimitados, pues evolucionan desde ser Asistentes, primero Informativos, luego Resolutivos y finalmente se …

Inteligencia Artificial: Watson para la Empresa

Visión General de la Inteligencia Artificial, sus capacidades y limitaciones aplicadas a diferentes Industrias y Casos de Uso.
Aplicaciones prácticas en Banca, Retail y Seguros.
Conocer el Catálogo de Servicios IBM Watson en IBM Cloud.
Soluciones: Watson Assistant, Watson Studio, Watson Machine Learning, …

Inteligencia Artificial: Mitos y Realidades

Visión General de la Inteligencia Artificial, sus capacidades y limitaciones. Conversaremos de los aspectos prácticos respecto cómo la empresa aplica estas tecnologías en resolver problemas reales.

Use AI and data for better product delivery and customer loyalty

The end-to-end shopping journey for large-scale appliances is more informed than ever. Yet, more innovation can be made to delivery. More than 28% of large-scale appliance deliveries run into challenges that negatively impact customer satisfaction and retailer costs.

This solution provides …

Cloud en tiempos de pandemia

Una de las principales características de Cloud es la capacidad del pago por uso y la flexibilidad.
En tiempos donde una inversión de largo plazo puede parecer difícil de concretar y donde la creatividad nos insta a buscar nuevas formas de …

IBM Webinare an der FAU Erlangen Nürnberg im SS 2020

Department Informatik
Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Moderator: Dr. Martin Mähler
Vorträge verfügbar unter:

Thomas Pohl: From Hardware to Serverless - Cloud Architekturen im Vergleich
Entwickler und Architekten müssen heute die vielfältigen Cloud-Angebote und Service Delivery Modelle verstehen und für ihren Anwendungsfall bewerten. Dazu gehören …

How to develop creativity thanks to the use of Design Thinking method?

I deploy several work session with students in master degree to help them to define the topic of their research studies mixing RH and digital matters.

I use design thinking approach to help them to reach this goal using activities like:
- …

Replays from IBM THINK 2020

Due to the health of IBM's clients, employees and partners being our primary concern. IBM had taken a new approach to its signature event. Normally an invite only event with world-class speakers in the industry it is now open to …

Blockchain for Business Beyond Bitcoin

“What internet did with information, blockchain will do the same with transactions”. Blockchain is a transformational technology for businesses as it drives re-imagination of processes and business models in a distributed and decentralized manner. Many business executives either do not …

Making your digital transformation a success - Cybersecurity helps reduce digital risk

Cybersecurity is a business subject, not an IT only centric area. In order to reach entreprise digital resilience, embrase sustainable innovation through digital transformation, we must reduce cyber risk and this is the role of cybersecurity experts. But this is …

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

During my 4+years of experience in the Robotics Process Automation area doing rolls from IT technical developer and team lead to business consultant, I can provide a complete set of lectures end to end on this topic from a initial …

1ère et 2nd révolution quantique

Après un rappel de grands événements et de grandes figures de la mécanique quantique du siècle dernier, la première révolution quantique industrielle qui touche notre vie quotidienne est présentée, suivi d’une perspective de l’impact profond de la seconde révolution quantique …

Historique et prospective des technologies de l'information : l'innovation continue

Après une prise de conscience de l'ancienneté du traitement de l'information par l'homme, il s'agit de faire comprendre l'impact sociétal de
certains sauts technologiques et leurs considérables accélérations lors du XXème siècle, particulièrement sa dernière décennie.

En matière de technologies de …


Digital Reinvention

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Blockchain for Business Schools: Workshop

The World Economic Forum predicts that 10% of global GDP will be stored on blockchains or blockchain related technology by 2025. It is rare for a technology to have interest from the C-suite to the developer community. In this workshop …

Gamification AND Agile in a Nutshell

Gamification and Agile are both very important words when it comes to team motivation, but, believe me, these two concepts have way more in common than meets the eye. What if you could learn the basics of them BOTH in …

How Can Gamification Be A Game Changer?

Gamification is, each day more, a buzz word being used by companies. But what does it really mean? We're not talking about games, but about a powerful methodology that can really leverage business results in pretty much any area.

Reinventing Corporate Social Responsibility for the Digital Economy

Emerging trends bring new expectations from consumers, governments , investors, and employees for the companies with whom they choose to align. Many of these requirements include expectations about companies’ business model alignment with social responsibility initiatives. IBM is reinventing its …

Collaboration tools

The ability to see the work in all its stages is good for individual productivity because it helps team members anticipate, prioritize and coordinate their work. To facilitate transparent collaboration in modern organizations we rely on various different tools. In …

AI & Ethics

Talk on AI & ethics, stripping away hype and fear from AI, showing how it makes mistakes, what the impact of these mistakes is on society and how we can address those challenges so we can all benefit from this …

A glance on Solutioning Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the main technology trends that are reshaping the future towards cognitive enterprises and it is laying the ground for digital transformation. Nonetheless, designing, creating and delivering AI solutions are clearly real challenges for enterprises …

When is innovation not innovation?

AI, machine learning, blockchain... we can do some magnificent things with modern technology, things that will make a real difference - not just in the workplace but for society. But is everything we try innovative?

From this session take away:
* …

Rethinking Weather: The Resilience Imperative and the Power of Data

In a time of increasing weather chaos, weather data is empowering companies, saving ecosystems, protecting communities, engaging consumers, and informing investors to build a more resilient world.

In this presentation, Paul discusses how companies / governments are leveraging AI, weather data …

Global Trade Made Easy: Enabling the Intelligent Supply Chain

The world has changed significantly in the last 20 years. The methods we use today to manage global trade are no longer meeting the needs of empowered consumer. Retail supply chains are under immense pressure from the shift of power …

Convergence of Physical and Digital: A case for change

The retail apocalypse is upon us, retail is dead, everybody is closing their stores! Or are they? There are real forces at work that require the development of a culture of change for retail. Despite the clickbait that we are …

The future of Marketing (Copenhagen Business School - March 2019)

Technology impacts the future of marketing and can shape how the markteer will work. Taking a look into how the AI is impacting key trends. With the view of Personification, Hyperlocalisation and Personalisation showing examples on how enterprised are taking …

The Future of Marketing with Technology @Copenhagen Business School (Oct 2019)

You never know what the future will bring but regardless of what technology might come marketing will continue to lead and drive the Growth and Change in the Enterprises around the world. At the peak on the Gartner Hypecycle AI …

Hands-on Workshop - Part 2 - Node-RED

This 4 hours hands-on workshop gives the students an introduction to Node-RED running on IBM Cloud.
They will also ingest IoT data from their Raspberry Pi into the Node-RED application through the Watson IoT Platform.

The content of the workshop is:
- Introduction …

Hands-on Workshop - Part 1 - Watson IoT Platform

This 4 hours hands-on workshop gives the students an introduction to IoT and Watson IoT Platform running on IBM Cloud, which they will use during 5-6 hands-on exercises.

The content of the workshop is:
- Introduction to IoT and Watson IoT Platform
- …

IoT at Danish Music Festivals

This session will address a couple of things related to Internet of Things (IoT) and then dive into real hands-on and personal experiences with implementation of IoT solutions at Roskilde Festival and/or Smukfest.
The overall agenda would look like this, …

Internet of Things Introduction and Demo(s)

This generic session will address a couple of things related to Internet of Things (IoT):

1) What is IoT
2) What is driving IoT
3) Which components are needed in an IoT solution
4) Examples of deployed IoT solutions
5) IoT Demonstration(s)

IoT and Data rocks at Smukfest

How data, AI and IoT combined with a bunch of volunteer nerds can result in a better festival experience, improved crowd safety and a lot of fun at Smukfest, Denmarks 2nd largest music festival.

An introduction to the use-cases implemented at …

Is Data Oxygen? The risk of not knowing!

Starting from the responsibility Energy, Environment and Utility companies have for the environment and climate change this lecture highlights key areas where data, advanced analytics and AI/ML is applied today by scientists and organisations to become more data insights driven. …

How do you get a computer excited about Tennis? Learn how IBM helps create award winning digital experiences for the Wimbledon Championships

The Wimbledon Championships are 150 years old and your first associations are probably about the traditions - Pimms and strawberries and the all white dress. However did you know that IBM applies cutting edge AI and cloud computing to help …

How to cut through in sport using data, AI and innovation

In the world of sport the competitive landscape is fierce and complex. As big brands but small organisations your product and content competes against global media organisations. Your audience can choose from a cornucopia of sports viewing as well as …

Why sport proves that disruption and tradition can co-exist.

The All England Lawn Tennis Club, better know as Wimbledon, is over 150 years old. It has lived through tumultuous world events, multi era defining technology shifts and still come out stronger. But how?

In this lecture learn about the history …

IBM - The enterprise in constant disruption

IBM has been around for more than 100 years constantly disrupting if self to adapt to the ever changing market conditions. A "history" lesson of IBM's journey and many examples of how IBM has changed the world and will continue …

Technology for people

Artificial Intelligence and the new exponential technologies are reshaping the business scenario and opening new opportunities, unthinkable just few years ago. This talk will help students to better understand how technologies are creating new possibilities to the people with disabilities …

The future of Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and the new exponential technologies are reshaping the business scenario and opening new opportunities, unthinkable just few years ago. This talk will help students to better understand how technologies are transforming industries, professions and creating new jobs, while …

IoT and the Art of Innovation

The internet of things has has massive potential to help us work smarter. Analysts predict many billions of things will be connected, yet it has still to fulfil its potential and in reality is just emerging. This session covers, a …


Digital ReinventionIoT

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A Digital forest - how data rocks at Smukfest

How data, AI and IoT combined with a bunch of volunteer nerds can result in a better festival experience, improved crowd safety and a lot of fun at Smukfest, Denmarks 2nd largest music festival.

An introduction to the use-cases implemented at …


Digital Reinvention

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Innovation Management - what is innovation actually?

There is often a debate about the difference of ideas, inventions and innovation.
The presentation will explore what innovation is, some characteristics, examples and also ways to drive innovation within an enterprise. We will also cover which approaches, processes and governance …

Building your Digital Eminence

Derived from internal IBM course, this one hour interactive session gets students to focus on what they want to be known for, and how that is reflected in their digital presence. Students pair up and research each others internet presence …

The Power of Human-Centred Innovation

This lecture looks at why and how we innovate, and who is 'allowed' to 'do innovation'. Innovation is not about technology, It’s about people and about how we think about innovation to address worthy problems. Where innovation comes in is …


Digital ReinventionOtherStart Ups

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Building Fan Brands: Mashing Up Sports, Retail & Entertainment

How do you turn fan engagement into consumer activity, and what is the value of that? What are the new ways you need to measure? What does the intersection between retail, sports and entertainment look like? How can we do …

Under the pavement, under the beach! Why we need a revolution in the customer experience of data.

We need a revolution in the customer experience of data.
Your customer experience of a product, service or place is dependent on the ‘data capital’ you have accumulated - or not - and how the ‘gatekeeper’ recognises you. But this goes …

'Standing At The Crossroads' - The Future of Shopping Centres

We are standing at a crossroads of what happens next for shopping centres and retail real estate of all kinds, with decisions to make about what we want that future to be. We will consider 4 possible directions we could …

The Future of Technology

Let's take a look into tomorrrow's world of technology at three separate scales - planetary, human and nano-tech. For each of them we will take a look at two or three examples of technology that has the potential to change …

Increase the Impact of your Data Scientists !

Data Scientists today make use of multiple Open Source technologies to leverage diverse data sources for business benefits. However, the collaboration with other Professionals (Data Engineers, Developers, Project Leaders, Analysts Architects) and their colleagues in the Data Science Team, does …

Quantum Computing Jumpstart

The pace of technological evolution in computing has been astonishing, allowing for amazing innovation for business and society. However, the complexity and size of the challenges that people want to solve with information and communication technology, make that conventional computers …

Using Watson for Innovation with Articial Intelligence

In this lecture, the concepts Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are clearly defined and illustrated. Next, different focus categories of AI are discussed: Conversational Services, Knowledge Search and Smart Extensions. Each of the categories is …

Technology, Talent and Transformation - Rethink the Modern Workforce

With the raising speed of demanding new skills in the workforce effective life-long learning is the only way to handle this. Universities have to prepare students for life-long learning. Moreover there is a chance for them to become life-long partners …

Becoming Agile: A mindset shift workshop

This lecture can be done in 2 formats: a 1-2 hours overview of what it means to be Agile, or a 4 to 6 hours workshop where we learn to be Agile by practicing it together. In both cases, we …

Digital Transformation: Where we are and where we are going to

This lecture will give an overview of digital transformation means to different business fields, and what possibilities await for us in the near future based on research trends. It also includes an overview of IBM's Digital Change method, used for …

Rapid Innovation with A.I

In this lecture, we provide the fundamentals around why A.I & Machine Learning are useful, and then go on to describe the technologies such that offer the means to rapidly innovate with A.I and finish by providing example projects & …

Cognitive Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) started out as a field of study at MIT in the '50s, focused on getting computers to act like humans. Today, AI is helping humans get a jump on everything from data analysis to decision-making and insight …

Agile, don't just do. Be.

The methodology of Agile, originally used in Software Development, has spread its wings, as business community starts to talk about Business Agility and Agile leaders.
The purpose of this lecture is to provide an initial introduction to the world of Agile, …

Agile – don't just do. Be.

The methodology of Agile, originally used in Software Development, has spread its wings, as business community starts to talk about Business Agility and Agile leaders.
The purpose of this lecture is to provide an initial introduction to the world of Agile, …


Digital Reinvention

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Speech synthesis with voice transformations

A text-to-speech synthesis (TTS) system can speak in few voices, each is derived from audio recordings of a real person. TTS voice transformations that change a perceived speaker identity in a controllable way is an attractive alternative to expensive, lengthy …

Blockchain is ready for Business

IBM is interested in exploring the broader business application of Blockchain technology. This is a transformational opportunity for many of IBM's clients since it touches most of the industries. In this presentation we will explain IBM Blockchain offering, deep dive …

Are you ready for the Digital Era?

Do the Right things, Do the things Right, Do it Right the first time!
Digital is the new Holy Grail. The battleground between companies has moved from the physical world to the Digital one and Transformation is the Enabler for winning …

IoT Employee Safety solution

How a First-of-a-kind initiative that was conceived in Haifa has led us to develop and implement the Employee Safety solution prototype that was deployed at a client site in Canada where temperature drops down to below-freezing level of -40C.
In this …


Digital ReinventionIoT

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