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Cloud en tiempos de pandemia

Una de las principales características de Cloud es la capacidad del pago por uso y la flexibilidad.
En tiempos donde una inversión de largo plazo puede parecer difícil de concretar y donde la creatividad nos insta a buscar nuevas formas de …

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

During my 4+years of experience in the Robotics Process Automation area doing rolls from IT technical developer and team lead to business consultant, I can provide a complete set of lectures end to end on this topic from a initial …

Understanding IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud™ is a robust suite of advanced data and AI tools, and deep industry expertise to help you on your journey to the cloud.
IBM Cloud offers a full-stack cloud platform with over 170 products and services covering data, …

Building your Digital Eminence

Derived from internal IBM course, this one hour interactive session gets students to focus on what they want to be known for, and how that is reflected in their digital presence. Students pair up and research each others internet presence …

Leadership Lessons from IBM

This is an interactive session that gets students to think about leadership traits that they appreciate, and behaviours to avoid. It draws on external sources including Daniel Goleman's research on Emotional Intelligence and leadership, Joel De Luca on Organisational Politics, …

Handling difficult conversations

This one-hour module looks at how we handle those business discussions that we might regard as difficult. As our career or business grows, so does the frequency and complexity of such conversations. The module draws on research including the Arbinger …

The Power of Human-Centred Innovation

This lecture looks at why and how we innovate, and who is 'allowed' to 'do innovation'. Innovation is not about technology, It’s about people and about how we think about innovation to address worthy problems. Where innovation comes in is …


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Building Fan Brands: Mashing Up Sports, Retail & Entertainment

How do you turn fan engagement into consumer activity, and what is the value of that? What are the new ways you need to measure? What does the intersection between retail, sports and entertainment look like? How can we do …

Under the pavement, under the beach! Why we need a revolution in the customer experience of data.

We need a revolution in the customer experience of data.
Your customer experience of a product, service or place is dependent on the ‘data capital’ you have accumulated - or not - and how the ‘gatekeeper’ recognises you. But this goes …

'Standing At The Crossroads' - The Future of Shopping Centres

We are standing at a crossroads of what happens next for shopping centres and retail real estate of all kinds, with decisions to make about what we want that future to be. We will consider 4 possible directions we could …