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The Smart Electric Power Grid - Internet of Things for the World's Largest Machine

According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the electric power grid is the largest machine. The increased reliability on electric power for digital life, as well as transportation, has been driving smart grid for the last 15 years. …

How to establish a new market positioning with service transformation in equipment management

Learn how to use equipment management as a door opener towards a new market positioning for a company's product-to-services transformation. Learn about technical challenges and business risks and how to overcome them along specific industry examples and case studies.

IBM´s AI portfolio - using AI for business problems

This lecture positions Artificial Intelligence in context of how we at IBM use AI to solve business problems. It focuses on the different types of technologies we make available to our clients and shows a small number of actual client …

Technology supporting the transition to sustainable business models and practices

How technologies such as Cloud, AI, IoT, and Blockchain, are essential resources to enable a transition to a sustainable economy.
Each industry must take into account in one way or another its environmental impact and find solutions to preserve the planet …

IoT, Cloud and AI Workshop: Build your first cognitive IoT-application

This workshop gives you a first hands-on experience on how to connect an «Internet of Things» (IoT) device to the IBM Cloud. You will use NodeRed and the Watson Services available on the IBM Cloud to build cognitive IoT-applications. The …

IoT & BYOD – The New Security Risks

In a world ever more connected to the internet, Security should be paramount. However, to keep pace with the new trends and technologies, companies and individuals, overlook the importance of security and the risks this poses.

In this recorded webinar, …

Best (free) Badges for Students

Open Badges are official credentials proving you have a certain skill or knowledge, but not quite to the level of a full certification. Employers are increasingly looking for documented skills through Open Badging. But how do you earn Open Badges …

Intelligent Electricity, Water and Gas!

Summary of Energy & Utilities industrial solutions including:

• Asset Predictive Maintenance. Corrosion
• Health, Safety and Environment
• Cognitive Knowledge Management

• Demand Management
• Renewable Energy Forecasting

• Guarantees of Origin
• Energy …

Replays from IBM THINK 2020

Due to the health of IBM's clients, employees and partners being our primary concern. IBM had taken a new approach to its signature event. Normally an invite only event with world-class speakers in the industry it is now open to …

5 Technologies everyone needs to understand

Technology is now a part of everyone's life but do you understand what those technologies really are? In just 1 hour, Misty explains the basics of 5 key technologies in a way to anyone can understand, even with little technology …

Don't believe everything your sensor tells you

A principle paradigm these days is that data from Internet of Things devices feeds in to Data Science which then leads to insights via AI. This talk explains the relationship between the physical world we live in, the Things, and …

Making your digital transformation a success - Cybersecurity helps reduce digital risk

Cybersecurity is a business subject, not an IT only centric area. In order to reach entreprise digital resilience, embrase sustainable innovation through digital transformation, we must reduce cyber risk and this is the role of cybersecurity experts. But this is …

Anomaly detection and statistical machine learning

This talk covers an overview of how statistical machine learning has been successfully applied to challenging anomaly detection problems involving noisy sensor signals in real customer use-cases including the oil & petroleum, automotive, semiconductor, maritime, the cement industries.

This talk …

Recent advances in machine learning for industrial sensor data

Sensor data analytics is one of the major application fields of data mining and machine learning. Typically taking real-valued time-series data from physical sensors as the input, its problem setting includes a variety of tasks depending on the application domain, …

Power, Edge, AI technologies used in the Mayflower Autonomous Ship

Discover how a submarine maker morphed into designing a full-size autonomous ship, leveraged Power and Edge Fabric and what it means ... AI ?, IOT ???. Understand the challenges and see where IBM building blocks fit, and why they were …

The Internet of Things in the Big Data era

After completing this unit, you should be able to:
- Describe what the Internet of Things is
- Explain what technology is used in a typical IoT Solution
- Describe some examples of challenges, use cases, and solution architecture
- Know how to get …


Cloud & DataIoT

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IBM Cloud & Watson Day

Run thousands of times with customers, students, and partners, this lecture contains all you need to get started with IBM Cloud & Watson. Formal Presentation of IBM Cloud , IBM Watson and 9 Lab Exercises. Overview here :
Request the …

Understanding IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud™ is a robust suite of advanced data and AI tools, and deep industry expertise to help you on your journey to the cloud.
IBM Cloud offers a full-stack cloud platform with over 170 products and services covering data, …

The Jefferson Project at Lake George

The Jefferson Project is collaboration between Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, IBM, and the FUND for Lake George focused on developing a detailed understanding of the overall ecology of Lake George, including the interactions of the physical, chemical, and biological environment in …

A glance on Solutioning Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the main technology trends that are reshaping the future towards cognitive enterprises and it is laying the ground for digital transformation. Nonetheless, designing, creating and delivering AI solutions are clearly real challenges for enterprises …

When is innovation not innovation?

AI, machine learning, blockchain... we can do some magnificent things with modern technology, things that will make a real difference - not just in the workplace but for society. But is everything we try innovative?

From this session take away:
* …

Rethinking Weather: The Resilience Imperative and the Power of Data

In a time of increasing weather chaos, weather data is empowering companies, saving ecosystems, protecting communities, engaging consumers, and informing investors to build a more resilient world.

In this presentation, Paul discusses how companies / governments are leveraging AI, weather data …

Preparing for the 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th Industrial Revolution is here. How can we prepare as students for the jobs of tomorrow? We must start to embrace emerging technologies like Blockcahin, IOT & AI underpin with Cloud Services as we enter into the 4th Industrial …

Global Trade Made Easy: Enabling the Intelligent Supply Chain

The world has changed significantly in the last 20 years. The methods we use today to manage global trade are no longer meeting the needs of empowered consumer. Retail supply chains are under immense pressure from the shift of power …

Convergence of Physical and Digital: A case for change

The retail apocalypse is upon us, retail is dead, everybody is closing their stores! Or are they? There are real forces at work that require the development of a culture of change for retail. Despite the clickbait that we are …

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing - Moonshoot for the Enterprise

A Manufacturing Point of view AI is delivering new opportunities in the manufacturing space and opening up better and fast ways of delivering products while streamlining and driving greater efficiencies in the factory. Will deliver a potted history of the …

Hacking Everything - The Dark Side of the Internet of Things

With the Internet of Things (IoT), essentially everything becomes a computer. We know that computers can be hacked. This means that everything can be hacked including cars, home appliances, medical devices and more. This session will give examples of IoT …


IoTSecurity & Privacy

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Getting results with simple and pragmatic IoT (level 1)

Engineers have always found ways of finding out what's happening with their equipment - maybe it's a screwdriver held against a noisy bearing, feeling the motor cage temperature with your hand and using a tongue tester to check electric current. …



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Hands-on Workshop - Part 2 - Node-RED

This 4 hours hands-on workshop gives the students an introduction to Node-RED running on IBM Cloud.
They will also ingest IoT data from their Raspberry Pi into the Node-RED application through the Watson IoT Platform.

The content of the workshop is:
- Introduction …

Hands-on Workshop - Part 1 - Watson IoT Platform

This 4 hours hands-on workshop gives the students an introduction to IoT and Watson IoT Platform running on IBM Cloud, which they will use during 5-6 hands-on exercises.

The content of the workshop is:
- Introduction to IoT and Watson IoT Platform
- …

IoT at Danish Music Festivals

This session will address a couple of things related to Internet of Things (IoT) and then dive into real hands-on and personal experiences with implementation of IoT solutions at Roskilde Festival and/or Smukfest.
The overall agenda would look like this, …

Internet of Things Introduction and Demo(s)

This generic session will address a couple of things related to Internet of Things (IoT):

1) What is IoT
2) What is driving IoT
3) Which components are needed in an IoT solution
4) Examples of deployed IoT solutions
5) IoT Demonstration(s)

IoT and Data rocks at Smukfest

How data, AI and IoT combined with a bunch of volunteer nerds can result in a better festival experience, improved crowd safety and a lot of fun at Smukfest, Denmarks 2nd largest music festival.

An introduction to the use-cases implemented at …

Partnerships within Internet of Things, AI and Blockchain

Learn how Danish companies are driving business transformation using IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. The lecture includes the latest development within IoT, Industrial Internet and production optimization.

IBM - The enterprise in constant disruption

IBM has been around for more than 100 years constantly disrupting if self to adapt to the ever changing market conditions. A "history" lesson of IBM's journey and many examples of how IBM has changed the world and will continue …

Technology for people

Artificial Intelligence and the new exponential technologies are reshaping the business scenario and opening new opportunities, unthinkable just few years ago. This talk will help students to better understand how technologies are creating new possibilities to the people with disabilities …

IoT and the Art of Innovation

The internet of things has has massive potential to help us work smarter. Analysts predict many billions of things will be connected, yet it has still to fulfil its potential and in reality is just emerging. This session covers, a …


Digital ReinventionIoT

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5 in 5 - Five Innovations That Will Change Our Lives Within Five Years

Every year IBM Research publishes the "5 in 5", five innovations that will most likely change our lives within the next five years. In 2020, the vision behind the "5 in 5" is to radically
accelerate the process of discovery for …

'Standing At The Crossroads' - The Future of Shopping Centres

We are standing at a crossroads of what happens next for shopping centres and retail real estate of all kinds, with decisions to make about what we want that future to be. We will consider 4 possible directions we could …

The Future of Technology

Let's take a look into tomorrrow's world of technology at three separate scales - planetary, human and nano-tech. For each of them we will take a look at two or three examples of technology that has the potential to change …

Importance of Business Architecture & Processes in every IT implementation

It's a well known fact that any IT implementation should be a combination of peple, process and technology with an overarching element of change management. In many cases, the technology, people and change are taken care of but processes are …



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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Enterprise Asset Management is fundemental in every industrial context. It's not only about how to maintain the assets when they are operational, but also about setting the requirements for maintenance, compliance, integrating with sensors, circular economy, leveraging through life processes …



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Industrial Internet of Things / Industry 4.0 - what it really means

There has been much hype about IoT and Industrial IoT, in this lecture we describe and discuss what it really means, setting the strategy and how to get there.



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Rapid Innovation with A.I

In this lecture, we provide the fundamentals around why A.I & Machine Learning are useful, and then go on to describe the technologies such that offer the means to rapidly innovate with A.I and finish by providing example projects & …

IoT Employee Safety solution

How a First-of-a-kind initiative that was conceived in Haifa has led us to develop and implement the Employee Safety solution prototype that was deployed at a client site in Canada where temperature drops down to below-freezing level of -40C.
In this …


Digital ReinventionIoT

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Efficient SQL Analytics on Big Data in Object Storage

Big datasets such as IoT device and server logs are increasingly stored in object storage to achieve low cost and endless capacity. This talk will discuss techniques for efficient SQL analytics of these datasets directly on object storage using Apache …


Cloud & DataIoTStorage

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Big Data Analytics with Apache Spark

Apache Spark is an open-source scalable in-memory computation framework. It is widely used across the industry and supports a variety Big Data Analytics use cases. In this talk we describe Spark's main components, its rich set of libraries and operation …


AI / AutomationIoT

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Artificial Intelligence with IBM Watson

In this lecture you will learn through fun and practical examples what artificial intelligence is, and what the challenges are with this technology. Learn how artificial intelligence can be created, how you yourself contribute to make these systems increasingly smarter, …

Industry 4.0 - How difficult can it be?

We all know the hype and aspire to the potential that Industry 4.0 can offer. But the reality is that despite showing a lot of promise, for most organisations, achieving this accolade is proving to be quite a challenge.

Apart from …