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Ethique de l'informatique: les fondements juridiques médévaux de l'informatique

A partir du Moyen-Age, les juristes ont voulu "suivre la méthode des mathématiciens." Il s'agissait de rendre les règles de droit plus objectives, et de les améliorer formellement pour renforcer leur déductibilité. Ce projet mène lointainement à l'informatique. Dans les …

A Day in the life at a Tech Compay and why do softs skills matter

Zaki is an inspiring manager at the biggest Systems/TSS Client Innovation Center in IBM and currently part of the University Relations program in Bulgaria. As having more than 10 years in the IT industry, being an engineer, people manager and …

responsible.computing() - shaping ways to restore trust in IT by responsibly developing and applying technology

Businesses are on the move to align with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and in every country that signed the Paris Agreement, government incentives are being put in place to encourage businesses to act.

These projects represent opportunities for IT …

Fairness, Explainability & Robustness in Machine Learning

Recent years have seen an overwhelming body of work on fairness and bias in Machine Learning (ML) models. This is not unexpected, as fairness is a complex and multi-faceted concept that depends on context and culture. Particularly in machine learning, …

Designing Usable AI Application

AI is a complex technology but it is important that we design a human-friendly AI that is usable, fair and explainable.
Using Design Thinking for AI, we can design with the users and stakeholder a more usable and responsible AI

The path to inherently safer technology: tackling domestic abuse

Imagine being terrified of technology. Knowing that if you leave the home, connect with friends or dare to break even the smallest rule, the all-seeing devices will know - and so will your abuser. As society evolves and technology becomes …

Actionable intelligence for advance investigations

From a society of the object to a society of action, the world today thinks of itself in networks, and analysis in links. This new situation leads to a review of the information processing chain.
This lecture is an answer to …

Numérique responsable, Design durable et éco-conception web

En 2019, le numérique a émis deux fois plus de gaz à effet de serre que l’ensemble du trafic aérien mondial.

Et pourtant, son impact environnemental est bien souvent sous-estimé car peu visible face aux multiples avantages et bénéfices dont on …

IBM´s AI portfolio - using AI for business problems

This lecture positions Artificial Intelligence in context of how we at IBM use AI to solve business problems. It focuses on the different types of technologies we make available to our clients and shows a small number of actual client …

IBM Webinare an der FAU Erlangen Nürnberg im SS 2020

Department Informatik
Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Moderator: Dr. Martin Mähler
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Thomas Pohl: From Hardware to Serverless - Cloud Architekturen im Vergleich
Entwickler und Architekten müssen heute die vielfältigen Cloud-Angebote und Service Delivery Modelle verstehen und für ihren Anwendungsfall bewerten. Dazu gehören …

Trustworthy AI put into action

There’s no question about the great potential that AI systems bring to our society. We’ve heard about AI systems identifying cancer tumors, helping to reduce crime as well as predicting traffic accidents. However, we’ve also been made aware of the …

Digitale Ethik - Versuch eines Überblicks

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Immer häufiger taucht der Begriff “Digitale Ethik” in den Schlagzeilen auf. Was ist eigentlich mit Digitale Ethik gemeint? Und warum sollte es mich als ITler und als Privatperson interessieren? Hier ist der Versuch, einen Überblick und …