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Enable & Empower Universities/Educational Institutes with IBM's Academic Iniaitive Program

Provide overview of IBM's Academic Initiative program and enable university with step by step enablement & activation with SSO/University SSO integration process. Please look at California State University example

IBM Cloud Capability Overview

IBM Cloud Capability Overview includes IBM Cloud Portal DEMO/Catalog review and deep dive walk with IaaS, PaaS, Watson AI, Blockchain, PowerVS, SAP, DB, IoT, MFA etc..

Clinical 3D Printing in Healthcare - A Clinician's Perspective


The rise of advanced 3D cross-sectional imaging such as CT scans has allowed unprecedented volumetric imaging of the internal structures of the body. At the same time the rise of extremely high-performance additive manufacturing technologies, of which 3D printers are …

Natural Language Processing in Healthcare - A Clinician's Perspective


Healthcare data is heavily stored in narrative form of unstructured text. Unlike non-medical text, the language used in healthcare is often extremely complex, filled with complex negation, hypotheticals, and jargon, but at the same time using this data requires high-precision …

IBM Global University Programs with a Focus on Healthcare

Healthcare is transforming and emerging technology is playing a significant role. Learn about the resources that IBM Global University Programs offers to medical, nursing, pharmacy, and public healthcare schools and really any student who is interested in healthcare.

Learning objectives:
After …



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Designing Usable AI Application

AI is a complex technology but it is important that we design a human-friendly AI that is usable, fair and explainable.
Using Design Thinking for AI, we can design with the users and stakeholder a more usable and responsible AI

The path to inherently safer technology: tackling domestic abuse

Imagine being terrified of technology. Knowing that if you leave the home, connect with friends or dare to break even the smallest rule, the all-seeing devices will know - and so will your abuser. As society evolves and technology becomes …

Digital Transformation: 9 years of business astuteness

Organizations with digital mastery are the nirvana for all those involved in Digital Transformation, due to superior business execution and results. This type of astuteness deals with aligning organization's capabilities to an improved business value proposition, leveraged by the use …

How big data & artificial intelligence solutions deeply transform enterprises business to enhancing client experience & operation efficiency

The digital transformation of any business should lead to developing an enhanced client experience, an improved operation effectiveness while transforming the company internally to be more agile and quickly adapt to new customer demand. One of The key challenges to …

How to establish a new market positioning with service transformation in equipment management

Learn how to use equipment management as a door opener towards a new market positioning for a company's product-to-services transformation. Learn about technical challenges and business risks and how to overcome them along specific industry examples and case studies.

How to accelerate innovation with Design Thinking and Agile Development

Learn how to practically apply design thinking and agile development methods in product development and innovation management. The course gives real project examples and hands-on exercises to apply design thinking and agile development methods.

The Why, What and How of Digital Reinvention. And the 30+ shots we have made in the Journey of promoting, selling and delivering it in Nordics

Presentation originally delivered to Nordic Technical Council (TEC) 2017. Main sections including:

Why: Strategic context
Selected materials from IBM Global C-suite study 2015
Example from the Swedish retail ecosystem

What: IBM Digital Reinvention™ Framework
Seven drivers
Blended iterative strategy & technology process – …

The Strategy Club 4: Customer Offering and Value Proposition

16:30 Introduction & Context
16:40 Customer Offering and Value Proposition
17:20 Tools to develop, clarify and redefine Customer Offerings and Value Propositions
17:50 So what?
18:00 End

IBM´s AI portfolio - using AI for business problems

This lecture positions Artificial Intelligence in context of how we at IBM use AI to solve business problems. It focuses on the different types of technologies we make available to our clients and shows a small number of actual client …

Going virtual

El mundo virtual requiere de una nueva aproximación al modo en que nos comunicamos con nuestros colegas, clientes y asociados. Exploremos algunas ideas y mejores practicas para sesiones virtuales efectivas que van mas alla de simplemente replicar una presentación ya …



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Economia de las APIs

Reinvencion digital de la mano de las APIs, como las organizaciones generan nuevos modelos de negocio de la mano de las tecnologías de APIs y Cloud.


Cloud & DataInnovation

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IoT, Cloud and AI Workshop: Build your first cognitive IoT-application

This workshop gives you a first hands-on experience on how to connect an «Internet of Things» (IoT) device to the IBM Cloud. You will use NodeRed and the Watson Services available on the IBM Cloud to build cognitive IoT-applications. The …

Blockchain Network Design

The presentation intends to give an overview of the full lifecycle of a blockchain project, starting from applying the right criteria to select a use case over the different types of networks that can be found as well as a …

Inteligencia Artificial: Mitos y Realidades

Visión General de la Inteligencia Artificial, sus capacidades y limitaciones. Conversaremos de los aspectos prácticos respecto cómo la empresa aplica estas tecnologías en resolver problemas reales.

Cloud en tiempos de pandemia

Una de las principales características de Cloud es la capacidad del pago por uso y la flexibilidad.
En tiempos donde una inversión de largo plazo puede parecer difícil de concretar y donde la creatividad nos insta a buscar nuevas formas de …

IBM Webinare an der FAU Erlangen Nürnberg im SS 2020

Department Informatik
Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Moderator: Dr. Martin Mähler
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Thomas Pohl: From Hardware to Serverless - Cloud Architekturen im Vergleich
Entwickler und Architekten müssen heute die vielfältigen Cloud-Angebote und Service Delivery Modelle verstehen und für ihren Anwendungsfall bewerten. Dazu gehören …

5 in 5 - Five Innovations That Will Change Our Lives Within Five Years

Every year IBM Research publishes the "5 in 5", five innovations that will most likely change our lives within the next five years. In 2021, the vision behind the "5 in 5" is to radically accelerate the process of discovery …

Innovation Management - what is innovation actually?

There is often a debate about the difference of ideas, inventions and innovation.
The presentation will explore what innovation is, some characteristics, examples and also ways to drive innovation within an enterprise. We will also cover which approaches, processes and governance …