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AI adoption Challenges across industry verticals

AI adoption is at its peak and is very much needed for every business to stay relevant, and compete in the market. However, it brings its unique challenges for each industry player. There is a need to be aware about …


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AI for Breast Cancer Screening

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths, and the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women across the world. As treatment options improve, early detection has an increasing impact on mortality, as earlier diagnosis can offer more options …

Towards clinical relevance: Predictive modeling applied to brain imaging

The application of machine learning methods to the increasingly larger observational studies of neurological and psychiatric disorders provides the opportunity of generating individualized assessments for people with a given condition, while also enabling the detection of brain correlates of disease. …

Ethics in AI: Building a Fair and Responsible AI

AI is being adopted for high stakes decisions, susceptible to cognitive bias like loan decision, admission decision, hiring decision.

It is important that AI engineers and designers avoid introducing bias into our AI models to ensure that AI decision are …

Designing Usable AI Application

AI is a complex technology but it is important that we design a human-friendly AI that is usable, fair and explainable.
Using Design Thinking for AI, we can design with the users and stakeholder a more usable and responsible AI

Optimization : Doing more with less

AI and data science are all around but in many use cases they’re not enough since they provide insight and forecast but not the "what should we do next?".

That is the purpose of decision optimization aka prescriptive analytics or …


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How big data & artificial intelligence solutions deeply transform enterprises business to enhancing client experience & operation efficiency

The digital transformation of any business should lead to developing an enhanced client experience, an improved operation effectiveness while transforming the company internally to be more agile and quickly adapt to new customer demand. One of The key challenges to …

IBM´s AI portfolio - using AI for business problems

This lecture positions Artificial Intelligence in context of how we at IBM use AI to solve business problems. It focuses on the different types of technologies we make available to our clients and shows a small number of actual client …

Technology supporting the transition to sustainable business models and practices

How technologies such as Cloud, AI, IoT, and Blockchain, are essential resources to enable a transition to a sustainable economy.
Each industry must take into account in one way or another its environmental impact and find solutions to preserve the planet …

IoT, Cloud and AI Workshop: Build your first cognitive IoT-application

This workshop gives you a first hands-on experience on how to connect an «Internet of Things» (IoT) device to the IBM Cloud. You will use NodeRed and the Watson Services available on the IBM Cloud to build cognitive IoT-applications. The …

Inteligencia Artificial: Asistentes Virtuales

Visión General de los Asistentes Virtuales.
Los chatbots llegaron para quedarse y hoy en dia son un gran factor de re-invención, dentro y fuera de empresa.
Sus usos son ilimitados, pues evolucionan desde ser Asistentes, primero Informativos, luego Resolutivos y finalmente se …

Inteligencia Artificial: Mitos y Realidades

Visión General de la Inteligencia Artificial, sus capacidades y limitaciones. Conversaremos de los aspectos prácticos respecto cómo la empresa aplica estas tecnologías en resolver problemas reales.

Best (free) Badges for Students

Open Badges are official credentials proving you have a certain skill or knowledge, but not quite to the level of a full certification. Employers are increasingly looking for documented skills through Open Badging. But how do you earn Open Badges …

Text Mining

This lecture introduces overview of text mining technology that enables to utilize huge amounts of textual data for identifying valuable knowledge and taking appropriate actions with some live demonstrations.


Trustworthy AI put into action

There’s no question about the great potential that AI systems bring to our society. We’ve heard about AI systems identifying cancer tumors, helping to reduce crime as well as predicting traffic accidents. However, we’ve also been made aware of the …

Catalinita y los servicios de IA de Watson

En un tiempo en el que la inteligencia artificial es de uso obligado en el mundo de los negocios del presente y del futuro, Catalinita nos brinda la oportunidad de ponerla al servicio del exigente mundo infantil desde hoy mismo.
Con …


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SpanishSpanish; Castilian

Build your first chatbot using IBM Watson

Learn to make a chatbot using Watson on IBM Cloud


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5 Technologies everyone needs to understand

Technology is now a part of everyone's life but do you understand what those technologies really are? In just 1 hour, Misty explains the basics of 5 key technologies in a way to anyone can understand, even with little technology …