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Actionable intelligence for advance investigations

From a society of the object to a society of action, the world today thinks of itself in networks, and analysis in links. This new situation leads to a review of the information processing chain.
This lecture is an answer to …

"Aprender de todo un poco". La importancia de la multidisciplinariedad y la colaboración. Ejemplo de aplicación básica en finanzas en la gestión de riesgos financieros

Esta lecture tiene dos objetivos:
1. Ayudar a los universitarios a reflexionar sobre la importancia de conocer distintas materias (Conocimientos sectoriales, IT, estadística etc.) y promover la colaboración entre estudiantes de distintas áreas de conocimiento.
2. Concretar con el caso práctico de …

Various HRM lectures

Deendant on the interest I am able to organise customised HRM- and Change Mgt-lectures for both bachelor and master studies

Text Mining

This lecture introduces overview of text mining technology that enables to utilize huge amounts of textual data for identifying valuable knowledge and taking appropriate actions with some live demonstrations.


Intelligent Electricity, Water and Gas!

Summary of Energy & Utilities industrial solutions including:

• Asset Predictive Maintenance. Corrosion
• Health, Safety and Environment
• Cognitive Knowledge Management

• Demand Management
• Renewable Energy Forecasting

• Guarantees of Origin
• Energy …

Database Research World Introduction (Material Written in Japanese)

This class provides an introduction to the top-level database research world. Three important research papers from VLDB are explained from the following three aspects.

(1) Database Performance
(2) Database Reliability
(3) Database Design

The topics include column store, data stream processing, schema matching, and …

Scaling Agile in Danish Companies

Frameworks to scale agility in an organizational setting, especially SAFe, are increasingly becoming more applied in Danish organizations but few are exploiting the optimal benefits from the implementation. From years of practical experience and observation, this lecture addresses the challenges …

Resiliency and Operations Lessons from the Apollo Missions to the Moon

July 2019 marked 50 years since the first humans set foot on the moon.

Moments before the historic landing of Apollo 11, the spacecraft computer started throwing errors and basically restarting every few seconds. The astronauts and mission control had to …