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Clinical 3D Printing in Healthcare - A Clinician's Perspective


The rise of advanced 3D cross-sectional imaging such as CT scans has allowed unprecedented volumetric imaging of the internal structures of the body. At the same time the rise of extremely high-performance additive manufacturing technologies, of which 3D printers are …

The Smart Electric Power Grid - Internet of Things for the World's Largest Machine

According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the electric power grid is the largest machine. The increased reliability on electric power for digital life, as well as transportation, has been driving smart grid for the last 15 years. …

The Strategy Club 2: Industry Analysis

16:30 Intro
16:50 Premises of the Industry Point of View
17:05 Industry Analysis framework: Five Forces
- Video
- Overview of the five fores
17:30 Case discussion
- Group analysis of industry forces
- The Strategy Club's synthesis regarding industry analysis
< 18:00 End



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What is it like to hold a PhD and work in Industry?

- What we have in common
- Career
- Making use of a PhD in industry Over- and ’underlaps’: Exploitation vs Exploration
- Poem

IBM´s AI portfolio - using AI for business problems

This lecture positions Artificial Intelligence in context of how we at IBM use AI to solve business problems. It focuses on the different types of technologies we make available to our clients and shows a small number of actual client …

"Aprender de todo un poco". La importancia de la multidisciplinariedad y la colaboración. Ejemplo de aplicación básica en finanzas en la gestión de riesgos financieros

Esta lecture tiene dos objetivos:
1. Ayudar a los universitarios a reflexionar sobre la importancia de conocer distintas materias (Conocimientos sectoriales, IT, estadística etc.) y promover la colaboración entre estudiantes de distintas áreas de conocimiento.
2. Concretar con el caso práctico de …

Intelligent Electricity, Water and Gas!

Summary of Energy & Utilities industrial solutions including:

• Asset Predictive Maintenance. Corrosion
• Health, Safety and Environment
• Cognitive Knowledge Management

• Demand Management
• Renewable Energy Forecasting

• Guarantees of Origin
• Energy …

Deep learning for computer vision and reinforcement learning

- What is AI.
- What is Deep learning
- Deep learning in Computer vision
- Deep learning in Reinforcement learning

- AIとは何か
- Deep learningとは何か
- 画像処理におけるDeep learning
- 強化学習におけるDeep learning

日本語 or English
※ Japanese materials are already ready

OT & IIoT Security

Power plants, telecommunications, hospitals, ATM, everything are doomed by PLC and Industrial Internet of Things and today attackers are very interested to gain their controls, let’s see how simple is to hacking those systems and the strategies to protect them.



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Blockchain for Business Beyond Bitcoin

“What internet did with information, blockchain will do the same with transactions”. Blockchain is a transformational technology for businesses as it drives re-imagination of processes and business models in a distributed and decentralized manner. Many business executives either do not …

Don't believe everything your sensor tells you

A principle paradigm these days is that data from Internet of Things devices feeds in to Data Science which then leads to insights via AI. This talk explains the relationship between the physical world we live in, the Things, and …

Making your digital transformation a success - Cybersecurity helps reduce digital risk

Cybersecurity is a business subject, not an IT only centric area. In order to reach entreprise digital resilience, embrase sustainable innovation through digital transformation, we must reduce cyber risk and this is the role of cybersecurity experts. But this is …

1ère et 2nd révolution quantique

Après un rappel de grands événements et de grandes figures de la mécanique quantique du siècle dernier, la première révolution quantique industrielle qui touche notre vie quotidienne est présentée, suivi d’une perspective de l’impact profond de la seconde révolution quantique …

Introduction to quantum computing and overview of some of the earliest potential use cases

Après une introduction sur la base de fonctionnement de l’informatique quantique et une évocation du savoir-faire, le chemin vers l’avantage quantique, les enjeux et opportunités de demain sont abordés pour lesquels les attentes de rupture technologiques sont très fortes, tout …

BtoB Marketing

The objectives of this module : understand the concept of BtoB marketing, master the purchasing strategies, understand the specifics of B2B Marketing, and in particular identify the roles of the different market players, identify the specifics of distribution in B2B

Scaling Agile in Danish Companies

Frameworks to scale agility in an organizational setting, especially SAFe, are increasingly becoming more applied in Danish organizations but few are exploiting the optimal benefits from the implementation. From years of practical experience and observation, this lecture addresses the challenges …

A glance on Solutioning Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the main technology trends that are reshaping the future towards cognitive enterprises and it is laying the ground for digital transformation. Nonetheless, designing, creating and delivering AI solutions are clearly real challenges for enterprises …

Digital Discrimination: Cognitive Bias in Machine Learning

With increasing regularity we see stories in the news about machine learning algorithms causing real-world harm. People's lives and livelihood are affected by the decisions made by machines. Learn about how bias can take root in machine learning algorithms and …