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Actionable intelligence for advance investigations

From a society of the object to a society of action, the world today thinks of itself in networks, and analysis in links. This new situation leads to a review of the information processing chain.
This lecture is an answer to …

Analyse & renseignement : initiation et présentation

Passé d’une société de l’objet à une société de l’action, le monde se pense aujourd’hui en réseaux, et l’analyse en liens. Cette nouvelle situation conduit à revoir la chaîne du traitement de l’information.
Cette lecture est une réponse à toutes les …

"Aprender de todo un poco". La importancia de la multidisciplinariedad y la colaboración. Ejemplo de aplicación básica en finanzas en la gestión de riesgos financieros

Esta lecture tiene dos objetivos:
1. Ayudar a los universitarios a reflexionar sobre la importancia de conocer distintas materias (Conocimientos sectoriales, IT, estadística etc.) y promover la colaboración entre estudiantes de distintas áreas de conocimiento.
2. Concretar con el caso práctico de …

The Two Transformations Driving Cybersecurity Forward Today

Cybersecurity has become one of the most pressing topics for every business today, and it is crucial to understand the two transformations that entities must drive to support core security requirements. This lecture details these two transformations - first, the …

The Savvy Risk Taker

Managing Risks is a daily task for all of us, where we are trying to rationalize and make decisions around the uncertainty of what may or may not happen the future, which is significant to successfully manage such Risks. This …

Making your digital transformation a success - Cybersecurity helps reduce digital risk

Cybersecurity is a business subject, not an IT only centric area. In order to reach entreprise digital resilience, embrase sustainable innovation through digital transformation, we must reduce cyber risk and this is the role of cybersecurity experts. But this is …

Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

"A problem well put is half solved."
- John Dewey

Computational Propaganda

Propaganda is a familiar term associated with many famous historical events, yet have we considered the implications of online propaganda when coupled with the ability to refine and target a message based on personalised digital footprints? Computational propaganda has been …


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