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IBM Cloud Capability Overview

IBM Cloud Capability Overview includes IBM Cloud Portal DEMO/Catalog review and deep dive walk with IaaS, PaaS, Watson AI, Blockchain, PowerVS, SAP, DB, IoT, MFA etc..

Data Transformation - building blocks

In this lecture we will discuss about the trends around data exponatial growth and the stakes to create the foundations to generate value from data.
We will talk about the different types of data and their usage and discuss the challenges …

Blockchain usages & benefits for the Industrial Sector

In this session we will explore customer pain points and how blockchain can help solves them. We will look at real case around vehicle quality and certification in the automotive industry : why is it a problem, how big of …

Blockchain Today and Tomorrow

Leading-edge leaders have built blockchain networks to reinvent their businesses, but the potential of this technology goes far beyond what we see today in production.
In this session, Carlos Rischioto, IBM's Blockchain technical leader in Brazil, will present the concept of …



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Technology supporting the transition to sustainable business models and practices

How technologies such as Cloud, AI, IoT, and Blockchain, are essential resources to enable a transition to a sustainable economy.
Each industry must take into account in one way or another its environmental impact and find solutions to preserve the planet …

Blockchain para el negocio

La tecnología Blockchain se ha transformado en un elemento disruptor tanto en modelos de negocio existentes como en aquellos aún no pensados. Las características de la tecnología permiten un nivel de colaboración y transparencia tales que habilitan el funcionamiento de …



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Blockchain Network Design

The presentation intends to give an overview of the full lifecycle of a blockchain project, starting from applying the right criteria to select a use case over the different types of networks that can be found as well as a …

Use AI and data for better product delivery and customer loyalty

The end-to-end shopping journey for large-scale appliances is more informed than ever. Yet, more innovation can be made to delivery. More than 28% of large-scale appliance deliveries run into challenges that negatively impact customer satisfaction and retailer costs.

This solution provides …

Intelligent Electricity, Water and Gas!

Summary of Energy & Utilities industrial solutions including:

• Asset Predictive Maintenance. Corrosion
• Health, Safety and Environment
• Cognitive Knowledge Management

• Demand Management
• Renewable Energy Forecasting

• Guarantees of Origin
• Energy …

Replays from IBM THINK 2020

Due to the health of IBM's clients, employees and partners being our primary concern. IBM had taken a new approach to its signature event. Normally an invite only event with world-class speakers in the industry it is now open to …

Blockchain for Business Beyond Bitcoin

“What internet did with information, blockchain will do the same with transactions”. Blockchain is a transformational technology for businesses as it drives re-imagination of processes and business models in a distributed and decentralized manner. Many business executives either do not …

Blockchain for Software Engineers: Workshop

As blockchain moves beyond the hype and into business-critical systems, skills for blockchain-proficient software engineers are in serious demand. Enterprises world-wide and cross-industry are recognising the value that blockchain brings, and are looking for people who can make the next …

Blockchain for Business Schools: Workshop

The World Economic Forum predicts that 10% of global GDP will be stored on blockchains or blockchain related technology by 2025. It is rare for a technology to have interest from the C-suite to the developer community. In this workshop …

Blockchain for Enterprise

An introduction to Blockchain technology with focus on Private Permissioned Blockchain in Enterprises. The talk will focus on Open source project under Linux Foundation, Hyperledger Fabric and usecases being explored and in production.



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What is blockchain for business?

What is blockchain?
Blockchain is a shared, replicated ledger that underpins technology such as Bitcoin. Blockchain's reach is wider than cryptocurrency however, as it sets out to provide the foundation for a new generation of transactional applications that establish trust …


BlockchainCloud & Data

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IBM 2020

From punchcard machines to quantum computers. What is the state of IBM 2020? Where did we come from, where are we today, and where are we headed?
I'd love to give my take on on the abovementioned questions.

Technology for every Degree

Most everyone needs some skills in technology in order to do their jobs well, from artists using digital rendering to lawyers programming contracts in a blockchain and even school teachers using analytics to understand student needs. Future job roles will …

Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence adoption in the industry

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are two transformative technologies that provide unprecedented opportunities for companies to create new business models, improve existing business performance as well as provide significant cost savings. Successful industry disruptors and leaders will be companies that take …


AI / AutomationBlockchain

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When is innovation not innovation?

AI, machine learning, blockchain... we can do some magnificent things with modern technology, things that will make a real difference - not just in the workplace but for society. But is everything we try innovative?

From this session take away:
* …

Preparing for the 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4th Industrial Revolution is here. How can we prepare as students for the jobs of tomorrow? We must start to embrace emerging technologies like Blockcahin, IOT & AI underpin with Cloud Services as we enter into the 4th Industrial …

Global Trade Made Easy: Enabling the Intelligent Supply Chain

The world has changed significantly in the last 20 years. The methods we use today to manage global trade are no longer meeting the needs of empowered consumer. Retail supply chains are under immense pressure from the shift of power …

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing - Moonshoot for the Enterprise

A Manufacturing Point of view AI is delivering new opportunities in the manufacturing space and opening up better and fast ways of delivering products while streamlining and driving greater efficiencies in the factory. Will deliver a potted history of the …

Partnerships within Internet of Things, AI and Blockchain

Learn how Danish companies are driving business transformation using IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. The lecture includes the latest development within IoT, Industrial Internet and production optimization.

IBM - The enterprise in constant disruption

IBM has been around for more than 100 years constantly disrupting if self to adapt to the ever changing market conditions. A "history" lesson of IBM's journey and many examples of how IBM has changed the world and will continue …

Blockchain is ready for Business

IBM is interested in exploring the broader business application of Blockchain technology. This is a transformational opportunity for many of IBM's clients since it touches most of the industries. In this presentation we will explain IBM Blockchain offering, deep dive …

Industry 4.0 - How difficult can it be?

We all know the hype and aspire to the potential that Industry 4.0 can offer. But the reality is that despite showing a lot of promise, for most organisations, achieving this accolade is proving to be quite a challenge.

Apart from …