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Establish an operational enterprise transformation program to step-wise transform into a cognitive enterprise

As more and more companies struggle in managing transformational programs and continuously applying new technological capabilities to their business in order to create value, the need for a comprehensive yet acceptable implementation strategy consolidates.
A digitalization strategy with a strong …

Reality Simulation in Project Management

Managing uncertainty is a key component for a successful System Solutioning and its Delivery, this session focuses in an interesting and very useful modelling technique, which support Project Managers to take informative business decisions: The Monte Carlo Simulation.

At the …


Project Management

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The Savvy Risk Taker

Managing Risks is a daily task for all of us, where we are trying to rationalize and make decisions around the uncertainty of what may or may not happen the future, which is significant to successfully manage such Risks. This …

Various HRM lectures

Deendant on the interest I am able to organise customised HRM- and Change Mgt-lectures for both bachelor and master studies

Project Management

Project management lectures based on the PMBOK will be given to high school students and above.



Project Management

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62074 Project Management - Tools and practical management

Lecture on DTU Course 62074 Project Management Tools and practical management, first time provided in January 2020 to university students.
The agenda is
. Walk through the project / program manager’s work day
. Show the lifecycle of a common IBM …


Project Management

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Scaling Agile in Danish Companies

Frameworks to scale agility in an organizational setting, especially SAFe, are increasingly becoming more applied in Danish organizations but few are exploiting the optimal benefits from the implementation. From years of practical experience and observation, this lecture addresses the challenges …

Resiliency and Operations Lessons from the Apollo Missions to the Moon

July 2019 marked 50 years since the first humans set foot on the moon.

Moments before the historic landing of Apollo 11, the spacecraft computer started throwing errors and basically restarting every few seconds. The astronauts and mission control had to …