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Intro to Artificial Intelligence (AI literacy everyone should have)

An interactive lecture aimed at those who have heard the term AI, but have just a vague idea what it means and how AI overlaps beyond the technical fields. It's all no-code and no need to have any technical background, …

Accelerate Data Science projects with Cloud Pak for Data

This day-long lecture covers the basics of Data Science, explaining each phase of a Data Science project. A hands-on lab completes the course, in which students implement an industrial Data Science project on Cloud Pak for Data. At the end …

Data Transformation - building blocks

In this lecture we will discuss about the trends around data exponatial growth and the stakes to create the foundations to generate value from data.
We will talk about the different types of data and their usage and discuss the challenges …

Cross Roads of Machine Learning and Data Science

Perhaps a better way to think of AI is that of prediction machines. To gain insights from what it is that you don't know that you don't know. Watson Studio and AutoAI is designed to take the coding off your …

AI for Breast Cancer Screening

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths, and the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women across the world. As treatment options improve, early detection has an increasing impact on mortality, as earlier diagnosis can offer more options …

A tale of adversarial attacks & out-of-distribution detection stories

Most deep learning models assume ideal conditions and rely on the assumption that test/production data comes from the in-distribution samples from the training data. However, this assumption is not satisfied in most real-world applications. Test data could differ from the …

Fairness, Explainability & Robustness in Machine Learning

Recent years have seen an overwhelming body of work on fairness and bias in Machine Learning (ML) models. This is not unexpected, as fairness is a complex and multi-faceted concept that depends on context and culture. Particularly in machine learning, …

Towards clinical relevance: Predictive modeling applied to brain imaging

The application of machine learning methods to the increasingly larger observational studies of neurological and psychiatric disorders provides the opportunity of generating individualized assessments for people with a given condition, while also enabling the detection of brain correlates of disease. …

The Smart Electric Power Grid - Internet of Things for the World's Largest Machine

According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the electric power grid is the largest machine. The increased reliability on electric power for digital life, as well as transportation, has been driving smart grid for the last 15 years. …

Using Python to tackle Data Science challenges

This lecture makes the link between the profession of the Data Scientist, with the practical application using Python and its visualization libraries. So, not only the data collection and manipulation aspects are discussed, but also the analysis and visualization tasks …

El potencial de Pandas

Es un paneo general de la libreria pandas con distintas funciones y propiedades que nos ayudaran a realizar la fase de preprocesamiento de nuestros datos. Vemos conceptos como las estructuras de datos principales, su construccion, sus propiedades, funciones para muestreo, …

La importancia de una metodologia en los proyectos con Data Science

Es un revision del proceso sugerido por la metodologia CRISP-DM, metodologia que implementa el IBM Data Science Elite Team, a la hora de encarar cualquier proyecto de Ciencia de datos; haciendo una breve introduccion a cada una con algunos ejemplos …

Optimizacion y Comparacion de Modelos de Clasificacion en Python

Es un template basico de como es que encaramos la ultima fase del modelado de datos optimizando lo mas posible los modelos elegidos para obtener mejores resultados y realizar una comparacion final. Lo que mas valor aporta de este lab …

Forcasteo de Series de Tiempo en Python

Es un lab practico en donde se presenta el caso de estudio de las series de tiempo, sus componentes, la forma de representarlas, los modelos que podemos utilizar y un modelado de ejemplo con ARIMA. Trabajamos sobre datos de Ventas …

Herramientas Amigables para el analisis de datos con python

La charla consiste en un overview de librerias de python mas utilizadas para el analisis de datos. Se abordan temas de manejo de datos, operaciones basicas con Datasets, Visualizaciones, Matrices y Utilizacion de funciones y clases. Las librerias que se …

Creación del servicio de Machine Learning, y de un modelo predictivo usando AutoAI en Watson Studio

Este video muestra los pasos a seguir para crear una instancia de machine learning y el servicio de Auto AI, también conocido como el servicio de: automatic artificial intelligence, el cual tomará el set de datos y a partir de …

Creación de la Infraestructura Inicial en Watson Studio

Este video muestra los pasos a seguir para crear por primera vez un ambiente de trabajo dentro de IBM Cloud.
Elegiendo el plan Lite, se podrá acceder a multiples funcionalidades en forma totalmente GRATUITA.

Este 1er video se puede acceder a través …

Data Science with Python

This is a two-parts hands-on training where I walk the audience through the basics coding skills required for Data Science from a Software Engineering perspective. I start playing with Python and its programming paradigm. Then I introduce a few data …

Inteligencia Artificial: Asistentes Virtuales

Visión General de los Asistentes Virtuales.
Los chatbots llegaron para quedarse y hoy en dia son un gran factor de re-invención, dentro y fuera de empresa.
Sus usos son ilimitados, pues evolucionan desde ser Asistentes, primero Informativos, luego Resolutivos y finalmente se …

Inteligencia Artificial: Watson para la Empresa

Visión General de la Inteligencia Artificial, sus capacidades y limitaciones aplicadas a diferentes Industrias y Casos de Uso.
Aplicaciones prácticas en Banca, Retail y Seguros.
Conocer el Catálogo de Servicios IBM Watson en IBM Cloud.
Soluciones: Watson Assistant, Watson Studio, Watson Machine Learning, …

Inteligencia Artificial: Mitos y Realidades

Visión General de la Inteligencia Artificial, sus capacidades y limitaciones. Conversaremos de los aspectos prácticos respecto cómo la empresa aplica estas tecnologías en resolver problemas reales.

Use AI and data for better product delivery and customer loyalty

The end-to-end shopping journey for large-scale appliances is more informed than ever. Yet, more innovation can be made to delivery. More than 28% of large-scale appliance deliveries run into challenges that negatively impact customer satisfaction and retailer costs.

This solution provides …

IBM Webinare an der FAU Erlangen Nürnberg im SS 2020

Department Informatik
Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Moderator: Dr. Martin Mähler
Vorträge verfügbar unter:

Thomas Pohl: From Hardware to Serverless - Cloud Architekturen im Vergleich
Entwickler und Architekten müssen heute die vielfältigen Cloud-Angebote und Service Delivery Modelle verstehen und für ihren Anwendungsfall bewerten. Dazu gehören …

Text Mining

This lecture introduces overview of text mining technology that enables to utilize huge amounts of textual data for identifying valuable knowledge and taking appropriate actions with some live demonstrations.


Trustworthy AI put into action

There’s no question about the great potential that AI systems bring to our society. We’ve heard about AI systems identifying cancer tumors, helping to reduce crime as well as predicting traffic accidents. However, we’ve also been made aware of the …

Intelligent Electricity, Water and Gas!

Summary of Energy & Utilities industrial solutions including:

• Asset Predictive Maintenance. Corrosion
• Health, Safety and Environment
• Cognitive Knowledge Management

• Demand Management
• Renewable Energy Forecasting

• Guarantees of Origin
• Energy …

R&D hand-on for Deep learning with Watson Studio

This is a hand-on lecture (trial for development) for Convolutional neural network with Watson Studio.
We already did this hand-on with around ~100 students in one room.

- Introduction of AI
- What is CNN
- Setup Watson Studio
- Build an initial model
- R&D …

Deep learning for computer vision and reinforcement learning

- What is AI.
- What is Deep learning
- Deep learning in Computer vision
- Deep learning in Reinforcement learning

- AIとは何か
- Deep learningとは何か
- 画像処理におけるDeep learning
- 強化学習におけるDeep learning

日本語 or English
※ Japanese materials are already ready

Replays from IBM THINK 2020

Due to the health of IBM's clients, employees and partners being our primary concern. IBM had taken a new approach to its signature event. Normally an invite only event with world-class speakers in the industry it is now open to …

Don't believe everything your sensor tells you

A principle paradigm these days is that data from Internet of Things devices feeds in to Data Science which then leads to insights via AI. This talk explains the relationship between the physical world we live in, the Things, and …

DB2 Data Concurrency

The presentation about database transactions, what is concurrency, what are the issues which are generated by concurrency and how to control them locking and isolation levels.

Data Virtualization

Easily, confidently access any amount of data, from anywhere. Covered heterogeneous, ubiquitous data, challenges bringing it together in dynamic environments, applicability to analytics and data science, data warehousing (as insufficient), an overview of IBM Data Virtualization, querying hybrid sources with …

Anomaly detection and statistical machine learning

This talk covers an overview of how statistical machine learning has been successfully applied to challenging anomaly detection problems involving noisy sensor signals in real customer use-cases including the oil & petroleum, automotive, semiconductor, maritime, the cement industries.

This talk …

Recent advances in machine learning for industrial sensor data

Sensor data analytics is one of the major application fields of data mining and machine learning. Typically taking real-valued time-series data from physical sensors as the input, its problem setting includes a variety of tasks depending on the application domain, …

Pandemic? How to make right decision during crisis using modeling approach?

The open source platform: Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Modeler (STEM: is designed to help scientists, public health officials and modeler create and use spatial and temporal models of emerging infectious diseases. These models can aid in understanding and potentially preventing the …

Introduction to quantum computing and overview of some of the earliest potential use cases

Après une introduction sur la base de fonctionnement de l’informatique quantique et une évocation du savoir-faire, le chemin vers l’avantage quantique, les enjeux et opportunités de demain sont abordés pour lesquels les attentes de rupture technologiques sont très fortes, tout …

Cours Business Intelligence : Datawarehouse, ETL, Reporting : plusieurs faces d'une meme solution

Ce cours prend un exemple educatif de la météo pour expliquer les concepts et l'architecture d'une solution de business intelligence (aide à la decision ou business analytics), explorant egalement des cas d'utilisations

Data Science in Action : scoring your client for insurance

Data science is the study of data, like biological sciences are the study of biology; physical sciences, it's the study of physical reactions. It is combination of skills, science and solutions to translate data into a business story and business …

Traitement & analyse de la donnée en intelligence économique et Big Data

Le saviez vous ? 90% des données numeriques dans tout le monde ont été créées sur les 2 dernieres années ! Connaissez vous le zettabytes ? les entreprises vont generer 35 zettabytes en 2020. Pourquoi faire ? pour mieux connaitre …

Demysthifier SQL, Hadoop, NoSQL

Un cours pour expliquer les technologies SQL, Hadoop et NoSQL et expliciter les differences/ positionnement de chaque technologies. Une approche pedagogique basée sur les 3V de la donnees : Volume, Variete et Velocité

AI Use Case : High Energy Physics

CERN is where Higgs Boson was discovered. CERN is using AI techniques in multiple ways and looking at the different tools' challenges (data quality, data quantity). We review 3 current projects where Power/GPU/FPGA technologies are tested. We discuss what is …

Power, Edge, AI technologies used in the Mayflower Autonomous Ship

Discover how a submarine maker morphed into designing a full-size autonomous ship, leveraged Power and Edge Fabric and what it means ... AI ?, IOT ???. Understand the challenges and see where IBM building blocks fit, and why they were …

Watson Ecosystems & How to start with IA for Free in IBM Cloud

I present the Watson Ecosystems (Watson Services/API, Watson Studio, Watson Machine Learning, Watson Knowledge Catalog, Watson Openscale, Cloud Pak for Data).
During the presentation, I show how to start with AI thanks to Watson Services and how to start for free …

introduction à la business intelligence et data warehouse

Cours de 2 à 3h, qui introduit les concepts de base de la business intelligence (aide à la decision) et qui detaille les aspects techniques des 3 composants de la BI : l ETL, la datawarehouse et le reporting

20hours - Big Data and Data Science Module

De la BI au Big Data : Introduction
Introduction à l'analyse de la donnees
Architecture et Solution Data Warehouse
Les nouvelles problematiques de la data (3V)
les objets Connectes (IoT)

Usages et Technologies Big Data
Nouvelle approche …

Python for Data Science

En format 3h ou 12h, des cours et des Travaux pratiques pour avoir les bases de la data science en utilisant la programmation Python (pandas, scikit, numpy)

Python for Beginners

En format 3h ou 12h, des cours et des Travaux pratiques pour avoir les bases du langage Python, langage de prédilection pour le machine learning / deep learning

De la donnée à l'intelligence artificielle

L'intelligence artificielle, l'apprentissage automatique et l'analyse sont les mots à la mode de notre époque. Vous les lisez probablement tous les jours dans différents médias et parfois dans des définitions différentes, mais en tant que client régulier, vous vous demandez …

L'Intelligence Artificielle au service de l'humain

Voilà un sujet traité abondamment par les médias, qui nous touche au quotidien, mais tellement vaste que beaucoup peinent à en comprendre vraiment les enjeux. En tant qu'acteur incontournable de l'intelligence artificielle au service des entreprises, souvent en contexte de …

Machine Learning et Deep Learning : les concepts de bases et cas d utilisation

L'apprentissage machine est largement accepté dans l'industrie, et de nouveaux cas d'utilisation apparaissent sans cesse. Les voitures autonomes, la reconnaissance faciale dans les médias sociaux, Amazon Echo et la détection des fraudes aux cartes de crédit ne sont que quelques …

what is machine learning and deep learning ?

Machine learning has been getting wide acceptance in the industry, and new use cases pop up all the time. Self driving cars, social media facial recognition, Amazon Echo, and credit card fraud detection are just few examples of machine learning. …

From Data to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Analytics are trending buzzwords of our time. You probably read about them every day in different media and sometimes in different definitions, but as a regular customer you are wondering where are the actual implementations? …

Understanding IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud™ is a robust suite of advanced data and AI tools, and deep industry expertise to help you on your journey to the cloud.
IBM Cloud offers a full-stack cloud platform with over 170 products and services covering data, …

Understanding IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM Cloud™ Paks are enterprise-ready, containerized software solutions that give clients an open, faster and more secure way to move core business applications to any cloud. Each IBM Cloud Pak™ includes containerized IBM middleware and common software services for development …

Speeding to Cloud with IBM Cloud Paks

IBM Cloud™ Paks are enterprise-ready, containerized software solutions that give clients an open, faster and more secure way to move core business applications to any cloud. Each IBM Cloud Pak™ includes containerized IBM middleware and common software services for development …

A Gentle Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The talk provides a gentle introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP). It explains how NLP relates to Text-mining and other areas of AI, such as Machine Learning, Chatbots, etc. The talk covers the basic building blocks of NLP. It discusses …

A Gentle Introduction to Machine Learning

This talk provides a broad high-level introduction to Machine Learning and its place in the larger domain of AI. It covers the key definitions, terminology, and types of techniques used in machine-learning. It provides examples of applications of these techniques. …

The Jefferson Project at Lake George

The Jefferson Project is collaboration between Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, IBM, and the FUND for Lake George focused on developing a detailed understanding of the overall ecology of Lake George, including the interactions of the physical, chemical, and biological environment in …

Data Science & AI point of view

In this lecture I will give a point of view where AI & Data Science is today and what is happening in different industries. What is data and why I should care about it. How I can leverage this to …

Rethinking Weather: The Resilience Imperative and the Power of Data

In a time of increasing weather chaos, weather data is empowering companies, saving ecosystems, protecting communities, engaging consumers, and informing investors to build a more resilient world.

In this presentation, Paul discusses how companies / governments are leveraging AI, weather data …

Data Science Hands-On Workshop SPSS and Watson Studio

Hands-on workshops on data science and statistical data analysis.
The participants develop models and data analysis on their own, with their own laptop or computers at the academic institution and create a data science analysis model together with me.
Afterwards a model …

Data Science Hands-On Workshop Watson Studio und SPSS

Hands-On Workshops zum Thema Data Science und statistische Datenanalyse.
Hier sitzen die TN selber am Rechner oder Laptop und erstelle zusammen mit mir ein Data Science Analysemodell.
Anschließend erfolgt eine Modellbewertung und Diskussion der Ergebnisse.

>> Lectures only in DACH region.<<

Data Science - Expectations, Opportunities, Limits

Lecture which shows the possibilities of Data Science and discusses model quality and applicability.

>> Lectures only in DACH region.<<

Data Science - Erwartungen, Möglichkeiten, Grenzen

Vortrag verfügbar unter:

Der Vortrag zeigt die Möglichkeiten von Data Science auf und diskutiert die Güte und Anwendbarkeit von Modellen. Erfahren Sie, wie man Data Science Projekte methodisch aufbaut, Modelle erstellt und was bei der Bewertung und beim Einsatz …

Data Scienence with SPSS Statistics

Lecture about data analysis with statistical methods, data preparation, representation and exploration

We will discuss this in detail in a telephone call.

>> Lectures only in DACH region.<<

Data Science mit SPSS Statistics

Vortrag zum Thema Dataenanalyse mit statistischen Verfahren, Datenaufbereitung, Darstellung und Exploration.
Näheres besprechen wir am Telefon.

>> Lectures only in DACH region.<<

Data Science with SPSS Modeler

Lecture on Data Science and modelling with practice demo and usecase presentation.
We will discuss this in detail in a telephone call.

>> Lectures only in DACH region.<<

Data Science mit dem SPSS Modeler

Vortrag zum Thema Data Science und Modellbildung mit Praxis-Demo und Usecase Vorstellung.

Näheres besprechen wir dann bei einem Telefonat.

>> Lectures only in DACH region.<<

Von der Konzeption bis zur Umsetzung: Praktische Anwendungsfälle mit Watson Natural Language Processing Technologien

Im Vortrag werden zunächst ausgewählte theoretische Aspekte, wie eine Einführung in Machine Learning und Textanalyse gegeben, sowie methodische Grundlagen und die Vorgehensweise zum Aufbau von Domänenwissen erläutert. Anschließend werden darauf aufbauend ausgewählte Anwendungsfälle, wie beispielsweise die Analyse von Vertragsdokumenten, die …

Weather and Climate Data: Not Just for Meteorologists

Weather is part of our everyday lives. Who doesn’t check the rain radar before heading out, or the weather forecast when planning a weekend away? But where does this data come from, and what is it made of? The answer …

Artificial Intelligence in Industry

Last few years have seen an exponential growth in interest and applications of Artificial Intelligence. In particular, Data Science has emerged as a discipline that aim at realizing Artificial Intelligence - and it is not all about just Machine Learning. …

Introduction to Watson APIs for biomedical sciences: Visual Recognition and skin lesions

This lecture covers the fundamental concepts of using cloud APIs. It is centred around a SparkR notebook in Watson Studio through which a model for detecting melanoma is created using an available dataset.
This allows the lecture to be more or …

GIS for Archaeology: introduction and practice

Introduction to GIS, from essential concepts to technological aspects, using QGIS as the learning tool. While the concepts are general the use-case presented focus on how to create a geographical database from a list of archaeological sites and how to …

How do you get a computer excited about Tennis? Learn how IBM helps create award winning digital experiences for the Wimbledon Championships

The Wimbledon Championships are 150 years old and your first associations are probably about the traditions - Pimms and strawberries and the all white dress. However did you know that IBM applies cutting edge AI and cloud computing to help …

Technology for people

Artificial Intelligence and the new exponential technologies are reshaping the business scenario and opening new opportunities, unthinkable just few years ago. This talk will help students to better understand how technologies are creating new possibilities to the people with disabilities …

Foundamentals of Applied Data Science

What is the Data Science? What are the data-scientists' magic tools ?
Why the data science is intimately connected with Machine Learning and Big data?
We can spend a couple of hours together to explore the Data Science, using together the …

The future of Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and the new exponential technologies are reshaping the business scenario and opening new opportunities, unthinkable just few years ago. This talk will help students to better understand how technologies are transforming industries, professions and creating new jobs, while …

Enterprise Crowdsourcing for training Artificial Intelligence

In this lecture you will learn through practical examples about fairness, bias and ethics in artificial intelligence. The following topics are discussed:
* Different types of Artificial Intelligence
* Basics of Machine Learning
* Issues with AI and machine learning
* Expert annotation and …

Fairness and Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

In this lecture you will learn through practical examples about fairness, bias and ethics in artificial intelligence. The following topics are discussed:
* Positioning ethics in Artificial Intelligence
* Different types of Artificial Intelligence
* Practical examples of what not to do
* Defining …

Building Fan Brands: Mashing Up Sports, Retail & Entertainment

How do you turn fan engagement into consumer activity, and what is the value of that? What are the new ways you need to measure? What does the intersection between retail, sports and entertainment look like? How can we do …

Under the pavement, under the beach! Why we need a revolution in the customer experience of data.

We need a revolution in the customer experience of data.
Your customer experience of a product, service or place is dependent on the ‘data capital’ you have accumulated - or not - and how the ‘gatekeeper’ recognises you. But this goes …

'Standing At The Crossroads' - The Future of Shopping Centres

We are standing at a crossroads of what happens next for shopping centres and retail real estate of all kinds, with decisions to make about what we want that future to be. We will consider 4 possible directions we could …

Increase the Impact of your Data Scientists !

Data Scientists today make use of multiple Open Source technologies to leverage diverse data sources for business benefits. However, the collaboration with other Professionals (Data Engineers, Developers, Project Leaders, Analysts Architects) and their colleagues in the Data Science Team, does …

Enriching Chatbots with Knowledge Discovery using Watson

Chatbots are applied today in many Industry Sectors and Business Processes. But a best practice is to prepare and train the Chatbot for 80 % of the rather routine questions, while the remaining 20 % of more difficult questions should …

Using Watson for Innovation with Articial Intelligence

In this lecture, the concepts Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are clearly defined and illustrated. Next, different focus categories of AI are discussed: Conversational Services, Knowledge Search and Smart Extensions. Each of the categories is …