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responsible.computing() - shaping ways to restore trust in IT by responsibly developing and applying technology

Businesses are on the move to align with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and in every country that signed the Paris Agreement, government incentives are being put in place to encourage businesses to act.

These projects represent opportunities for IT …

The path to inherently safer technology: tackling domestic abuse

Imagine being terrified of technology. Knowing that if you leave the home, connect with friends or dare to break even the smallest rule, the all-seeing devices will know - and so will your abuser. As society evolves and technology becomes …

Actionable intelligence for advance investigations

From a society of the object to a society of action, the world today thinks of itself in networks, and analysis in links. This new situation leads to a review of the information processing chain.
This lecture is an answer to …

Analyse & renseignement : initiation et présentation

Passé d’une société de l’objet à une société de l’action, le monde se pense aujourd’hui en réseaux, et l’analyse en liens. Cette nouvelle situation conduit à revoir la chaîne du traitement de l’information.
Cette lecture est une réponse à toutes les …

Supplier Diversity Insights

Provided insights into IBM's Supplier Diversity program, definition of a diverse business, challenges and success stories

to students at University of Fribourg, Switzerland - American College Program

Numérique responsable, Design durable et éco-conception web

En 2019, le numérique a émis deux fois plus de gaz à effet de serre que l’ensemble du trafic aérien mondial.

Et pourtant, son impact environnemental est bien souvent sous-estimé car peu visible face aux multiples avantages et bénéfices dont on …

How to Rock a Hackathon pitch with best business canvas ever!


Personal Branding: A 5-step guide for creating & owning your brand.


Create your own Purpose-Driven Career


IBM Services Corps - What I learned during Romania 8

As an IBM Services Corps Alumni, Roma describes the journey of getting into the programme and delivering an exceptional client experience as part of corporate social responsibility. Roma describes the roadmap and learnings that have better enabled her to deliver …

Pandemic? How to make right decision during crisis using modeling approach?

The open source platform: Spatiotemporal Epidemiological Modeler (STEM: is designed to help scientists, public health officials and modeler create and use spatial and temporal models of emerging infectious diseases. These models can aid in understanding and potentially preventing the …

L'Intelligence Artificielle au service de l'humain

Voilà un sujet traité abondamment par les médias, qui nous touche au quotidien, mais tellement vaste que beaucoup peinent à en comprendre vraiment les enjeux. En tant qu'acteur incontournable de l'intelligence artificielle au service des entreprises, souvent en contexte de …

A Chatbot to teach programming in Primary Education

Teaching programming in Primary Education has recently attracted a great deal of interest. One global trend is using multimedia languages such as Scratch. However, by using Pedagogic Conversational Agents that dialog with the students, they have to think how to …

Reinventing Corporate Social Responsibility for the Digital Economy

Emerging trends bring new expectations from consumers, governments , investors, and employees for the companies with whom they choose to align. Many of these requirements include expectations about companies’ business model alignment with social responsibility initiatives. IBM is reinventing its …

IBM 2020

From punchcard machines to quantum computers. What is the state of IBM 2020? Where did we come from, where are we today, and where are we headed?
I'd love to give my take on on the abovementioned questions.

Digital Discrimination: Cognitive Bias in Machine Learning

With increasing regularity we see stories in the news about machine learning algorithms causing real-world harm. People's lives and livelihood are affected by the decisions made by machines. Learn about how bias can take root in machine learning algorithms and …

Is Data Oxygen? The risk of not knowing!

Starting from the responsibility Energy, Environment and Utility companies have for the environment and climate change this lecture highlights key areas where data, advanced analytics and AI/ML is applied today by scientists and organisations to become more data insights driven. …

Technology for people

Artificial Intelligence and the new exponential technologies are reshaping the business scenario and opening new opportunities, unthinkable just few years ago. This talk will help students to better understand how technologies are creating new possibilities to the people with disabilities …

IBM Corporate Responsibility

Conveying IBM's approach to and execution of Corporate Responsibility. Can be used as a lecture or as a base for discussions, groupworks, panel debates etc

CSR, Corporate Volunteering & Shared Value Creation

I provide guest-lectures about 'Corporate Volunteering' and 'Shared Value Creation' in collaboration with partners in the non-profit sector and commercial partners. The lecture can be delivered in combination with a student-case that is provided in advance of the lecture for …