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IBM i Architecture

The basic architecture of IBM i was inspired by the design of the IBM S/38 and S/36 and was first implemented in the OS/400 operating system of the Application Systems 400 (short AS/400) in 1988. Although many innovations have been …


Power Systems

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Cours introductif à la virtualisation

Ce cours donne les concepts et les technologies de la virtualisation, technologie clé pour le cloud


Cloud & DataPower Systems

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AI Use Case : High Energy Physics

CERN is where Higgs Boson was discovered. CERN is using AI techniques in multiple ways and looking at the different tools' challenges (data quality, data quantity). We review 3 current projects where Power/GPU/FPGA technologies are tested. We discuss what is …

Power, Edge, AI technologies used in the Mayflower Autonomous Ship

Discover how a submarine maker morphed into designing a full-size autonomous ship, leveraged Power and Edge Fabric and what it means ... AI ?, IOT ???. Understand the challenges and see where IBM building blocks fit, and why they were …

IBM 2020

From punchcard machines to quantum computers. What is the state of IBM 2020? Where did we come from, where are we today, and where are we headed?
I'd love to give my take on on the abovementioned questions.