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Business transformation & IT Trends

Lecture provides introduction into the topic of Business transformation and how companies can approach it, types of transformation along with practical examples. Presentation of actual IT trends which can support company transformation such as Automation, AI, Cloud, IoT.

Jumpstart on building clever assistants (chatbots)

Virtual Assistants, a more advanced chatbots, are getting popular as automated customer touchpoints. During this workshop we will get to know the basic building blocks of chatbots - intents, entities, dialog and context. These blocks are nowadays considered to be …


AI / Automation

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TJBot - a tangible introduction to A.I. services

Half-day hands-on workshop where attendees will build their own TJBot robot, bring him to life and connect him to IBM Cloud services like visual recognition, speech to text, text to speech and Watson Assistant.

What is TJBot?

TJBotCZ kit
(available …