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Blockchain Today and Tomorrow

Leading-edge leaders have built blockchain networks to reinvent their businesses, but the potential of this technology goes far beyond what we see today in production.
In this session, Carlos Rischioto, IBM's Blockchain technical leader in Brazil, will present the concept of …



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Protección de datos y respuesta a incidentes

Los datos son el activo más importante para las organizaciones modernas. Cómo protegerlos y responder de forma ágil a los incidentes de seguridad es clave para mantenerse operativo.

Ciberseguridad corporativa

Cómo enfrentar las amenazas de ciberseguridad en el mundo corporativo. Cuáles son las tendencias tecnológicas y cómo IBM puede apoyar en la modernización y protección.

Data Science with Python

This is a two-parts hands-on training where I walk the audience through the basics coding skills required for Data Science from a Software Engineering perspective. I start playing with Python and its programming paradigm. Then I introduce a few data …

Inteligencia Artificial: Asistentes Virtuales

Visión General de los Asistentes Virtuales.
Los chatbots llegaron para quedarse y hoy en dia son un gran factor de re-invención, dentro y fuera de empresa.
Sus usos son ilimitados, pues evolucionan desde ser Asistentes, primero Informativos, luego Resolutivos y finalmente se …

Inteligencia Artificial: Watson para la Empresa

Visión General de la Inteligencia Artificial, sus capacidades y limitaciones aplicadas a diferentes Industrias y Casos de Uso.
Aplicaciones prácticas en Banca, Retail y Seguros.
Conocer el Catálogo de Servicios IBM Watson en IBM Cloud.
Soluciones: Watson Assistant, Watson Studio, Watson Machine Learning, …

Inteligencia Artificial: Mitos y Realidades

Visión General de la Inteligencia Artificial, sus capacidades y limitaciones. Conversaremos de los aspectos prácticos respecto cómo la empresa aplica estas tecnologías en resolver problemas reales.

Use AI and data for better product delivery and customer loyalty

The end-to-end shopping journey for large-scale appliances is more informed than ever. Yet, more innovation can be made to delivery. More than 28% of large-scale appliance deliveries run into challenges that negatively impact customer satisfaction and retailer costs.

This solution provides …

Gamification AND Agile in a Nutshell

Gamification and Agile are both very important words when it comes to team motivation, but, believe me, these two concepts have way more in common than meets the eye. What if you could learn the basics of them BOTH in …

Applying Agile & Gamification in Completely Unexpected Moments

If you think Agile methodologies can only be applied in given IT projects, the time has come to think about it again. Let's understand together the meaning of "agile to the core" and how it relates to gamification somehow.

How Can Gamification Be A Game Changer?

Gamification is, each day more, a buzz word being used by companies. But what does it really mean? We're not talking about games, but about a powerful methodology that can really leverage business results in pretty much any area.

Introducing Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

This introductory-level talk will explore what Artificial Intelligence and Big Data means, where AI came from, what makes a system cognitive, why it is important, who uses it, and how to try it out. Attend this session to learn how …


AI / Automation

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Watson in Marketing (24 oct 2018)

Watson are helping our many professions - also marketing. A quick walk through of how Watson impacts marketing across engaging the clients to supporting the marketeer.

The Future Marketeer @Niels Brock (Dec 2018)

The lecture focus on what will be the requirements for the future Marketing person. While we often talk about T-shaped people maybe we should consider PI-shaped people. Regards the technology may shape how we work

The future of Marketing (Copenhagen Business School - March 2019)

Technology impacts the future of marketing and can shape how the markteer will work. Taking a look into how the AI is impacting key trends. With the view of Personification, Hyperlocalisation and Personalisation showing examples on how enterprised are taking …

The Future of Marketing with Technology @Copenhagen Business School (Oct 2019)

You never know what the future will bring but regardless of what technology might come marketing will continue to lead and drive the Growth and Change in the Enterprises around the world. At the peak on the Gartner Hypecycle AI …

Introduction to Watson APIs for biomedical sciences: Visual Recognition and skin lesions

This lecture covers the fundamental concepts of using cloud APIs. It is centred around a SparkR notebook in Watson Studio through which a model for detecting melanoma is created using an available dataset.
This allows the lecture to be more or …

GIS for Archaeology: introduction and practice

Introduction to GIS, from essential concepts to technological aspects, using QGIS as the learning tool. While the concepts are general the use-case presented focus on how to create a geographical database from a list of archaeological sites and how to …

Becoming Agile: A mindset shift workshop

This lecture can be done in 2 formats: a 1-2 hours overview of what it means to be Agile, or a 4 to 6 hours workshop where we learn to be Agile by practicing it together. In both cases, we …

Digital Transformation: Where we are and where we are going to

This lecture will give an overview of digital transformation means to different business fields, and what possibilities await for us in the near future based on research trends. It also includes an overview of IBM's Digital Change method, used for …