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AI @ Scale - How to manage AI deployment and industrialization

AI innovation transformation and operational excellence request to set up an operating model to increase industrialization.
In this lecture we will talk about global trends on AI deployment, adoption challenges, platform transformation and operating model.

A tale of adversarial attacks & out-of-distribution detection stories

Most deep learning models assume ideal conditions and rely on the assumption that test/production data comes from the in-distribution samples from the training data. However, this assumption is not satisfied in most real-world applications. Test data could differ from the …

Fairness, Explainability & Robustness in Machine Learning

Recent years have seen an overwhelming body of work on fairness and bias in Machine Learning (ML) models. This is not unexpected, as fairness is a complex and multi-faceted concept that depends on context and culture. Particularly in machine learning, …

IBM Ponder This And Other Challenges

Challenges provide fun and happiness.

They provide a way to feel busy and a way to feel part of a Community when you know other people all over the world or next door are trying to find the same key …


AI Algorithm

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The path to inherently safer technology: tackling domestic abuse

Imagine being terrified of technology. Knowing that if you leave the home, connect with friends or dare to break even the smallest rule, the all-seeing devices will know - and so will your abuser. As society evolves and technology becomes …

La importancia de una metodologia en los proyectos con Data Science

Es un revision del proceso sugerido por la metodologia CRISP-DM, metodologia que implementa el IBM Data Science Elite Team, a la hora de encarar cualquier proyecto de Ciencia de datos; haciendo una breve introduccion a cada una con algunos ejemplos …

Optimizacion y Comparacion de Modelos de Clasificacion en Python

Es un template basico de como es que encaramos la ultima fase del modelado de datos optimizando lo mas posible los modelos elegidos para obtener mejores resultados y realizar una comparacion final. Lo que mas valor aporta de este lab …

Creación del servicio de Machine Learning, y de un modelo predictivo usando AutoAI en Watson Studio

Este video muestra los pasos a seguir para crear una instancia de machine learning y el servicio de Auto AI, también conocido como el servicio de: automatic artificial intelligence, el cual tomará el set de datos y a partir de …

Creación de la Infraestructura Inicial en Watson Studio

Este video muestra los pasos a seguir para crear por primera vez un ambiente de trabajo dentro de IBM Cloud.
Elegiendo el plan Lite, se podrá acceder a multiples funcionalidades en forma totalmente GRATUITA.

Este 1er video se puede acceder a través …

Protección de datos y respuesta a incidentes

Los datos son el activo más importante para las organizaciones modernas. Cómo protegerlos y responder de forma ágil a los incidentes de seguridad es clave para mantenerse operativo.

Ciberseguridad corporativa

Cómo enfrentar las amenazas de ciberseguridad en el mundo corporativo. Cuáles son las tendencias tecnológicas y cómo IBM puede apoyar en la modernización y protección.

Working as a Consultant in an Agile World

The newspapers are full of cases were expert consultants have developed ‘good’ solutions – but to the wrong problem. The solution does not make the problem go away, or the ‘solution’ just creates new and even worse problems. The issue …


Careers @IBM

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Introduction of Neuromorphic Computing Using Non-Volatile Memory

Neuromorphic computing using non-volatile memory (NVM) devices has the potential to enable extremely low power consumption, less than that of traditional von Neumann architecture. Low-power multiply-accumulate operations can be achieved using NVM crossbar arrays, where the conductance of an NVM …

Replays from IBM THINK 2020

Due to the health of IBM's clients, employees and partners being our primary concern. IBM had taken a new approach to its signature event. Normally an invite only event with world-class speakers in the industry it is now open to …

Robotics Process Automation

Cris has a technical background working in the Robotics Process Automation area as a developer, team lead IT Architect and project technical owner.

Cris responsabolities include the project technical accountability, Technical solution shaping and Technical control covering the IT roles of …

Développement personnel: Loi d'attraction

On dit que: "Nos pensées et nos émotions assemblent et réorganisent continuellement notre réalité." Et si on prenait un peu de temps pour en discuter ...



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L'Intelligence Artificielle au service de l'humain

Voilà un sujet traité abondamment par les médias, qui nous touche au quotidien, mais tellement vaste que beaucoup peinent à en comprendre vraiment les enjeux. En tant qu'acteur incontournable de l'intelligence artificielle au service des entreprises, souvent en contexte de …

Applying Agile & Gamification in Completely Unexpected Moments

If you think Agile methodologies can only be applied in given IT projects, the time has come to think about it again. Let's understand together the meaning of "agile to the core" and how it relates to gamification somehow.

A Gentle Introduction to Machine Learning

This talk provides a broad high-level introduction to Machine Learning and its place in the larger domain of AI. It covers the key definitions, terminology, and types of techniques used in machine-learning. It provides examples of applications of these techniques. …

Reinventing Corporate Social Responsibility for the Digital Economy

Emerging trends bring new expectations from consumers, governments , investors, and employees for the companies with whom they choose to align. Many of these requirements include expectations about companies’ business model alignment with social responsibility initiatives. IBM is reinventing its …

AI & Ethics

Talk on AI & ethics, stripping away hype and fear from AI, showing how it makes mistakes, what the impact of these mistakes is on society and how we can address those challenges so we can all benefit from this …

The Jefferson Project at Lake George

The Jefferson Project is collaboration between Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, IBM, and the FUND for Lake George focused on developing a detailed understanding of the overall ecology of Lake George, including the interactions of the physical, chemical, and biological environment in …

Cyberpsychology and Security

Cyberpsychology is the study of the human mind in its interactions with technology. This talk considers how and why our engagement with technology and social media creates alternative avenues for todays attackers. This talk is an introduction to cyberpsychology and …


Security & Privacy

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Computational Propaganda

Propaganda is a familiar term associated with many famous historical events, yet have we considered the implications of online propaganda when coupled with the ability to refine and target a message based on personalised digital footprints? Computational propaganda has been …


Risk ManagementSecurity & Privacy

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How To Survive An AI Winter

With all the excitement about AI and Machine Learning, it's easy to forget that delivering AI and Machine Learning solutions is not easy.

In this lecture, James Luke explains the key lessons he has learned in 25 years delivering actual operational …


AI / Automation

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When is innovation not innovation?

AI, machine learning, blockchain... we can do some magnificent things with modern technology, things that will make a real difference - not just in the workplace but for society. But is everything we try innovative?

From this session take away:
* …

Industry-specific quantum computing use cases and applications

In this session, I provide an introduction to quantum computing and then focus on potential quantum use cases and applications relevant to different industries.


AI / AutomationQuantum

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Artificial Intelligence in Industry

Last few years have seen an exponential growth in interest and applications of Artificial Intelligence. In particular, Data Science has emerged as a discipline that aim at realizing Artificial Intelligence - and it is not all about just Machine Learning. …

Watson in Marketing (24 oct 2018)

Watson are helping our many professions - also marketing. A quick walk through of how Watson impacts marketing across engaging the clients to supporting the marketeer.

The Future Marketeer @Niels Brock (Dec 2018)

The lecture focus on what will be the requirements for the future Marketing person. While we often talk about T-shaped people maybe we should consider PI-shaped people. Regards the technology may shape how we work

Getting results with simple and pragmatic IoT (level 1)

Engineers have always found ways of finding out what's happening with their equipment - maybe it's a screwdriver held against a noisy bearing, feeling the motor cage temperature with your hand and using a tongue tester to check electric current. …



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Internet of Things Introduction and Demo(s)

This generic session will address a couple of things related to Internet of Things (IoT):

1) What is IoT
2) What is driving IoT
3) Which components are needed in an IoT solution
4) Examples of deployed IoT solutions
5) IoT Demonstration(s)

Partnerships within Internet of Things, AI and Blockchain

Learn how Danish companies are driving business transformation using IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. The lecture includes the latest development within IoT, Industrial Internet and production optimization.

How do you get a computer excited about Tennis? Learn how IBM helps create award winning digital experiences for the Wimbledon Championships

The Wimbledon Championships are 150 years old and your first associations are probably about the traditions - Pimms and strawberries and the all white dress. However did you know that IBM applies cutting edge AI and cloud computing to help …

How to cut through in sport using data, AI and innovation

In the world of sport the competitive landscape is fierce and complex. As big brands but small organisations your product and content competes against global media organisations. Your audience can choose from a cornucopia of sports viewing as well as …

Why sport proves that disruption and tradition can co-exist.

The All England Lawn Tennis Club, better know as Wimbledon, is over 150 years old. It has lived through tumultuous world events, multi era defining technology shifts and still come out stronger. But how?

In this lecture learn about the history …

Quantum Computing and IBM Q: An Introduction

Quantum computing is getting a significant amount of attention these days, especially since IBM put a real 5-qubit machine online in May 2016. Since then, over 100,000 people have themselves directly used the no-charge IBM Q Experience and created software …

Digitale Ethik - Versuch eines Überblicks

Vortrag verfügbar unter:

Immer häufiger taucht der Begriff “Digitale Ethik” in den Schlagzeilen auf. Was ist eigentlich mit Digitale Ethik gemeint? Und warum sollte es mich als ITler und als Privatperson interessieren? Hier ist der Versuch, einen Überblick und …

Leadership Development

Sharing IBMs approach to and execution of Leadership Development. Can be used as a lecture or as background for groupwork, discussions, panel debate etc.


Leadership Development

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IBM Corporate Responsibility

Conveying IBM's approach to and execution of Corporate Responsibility. Can be used as a lecture or as a base for discussions, groupworks, panel debates etc

IBM Strategy

Overview of IBM history, transformation(s), strategy etc



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Self-Supervised Learning from Videos

A vast amount of audio-visual data is available on the Internet thanks to video streaming services, to which users upload their content. However, there are difficulties in exploiting this data for supervised learning due to the
lack of labels. More specifically, …


AI / Automation

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Enterprise Crowdsourcing for training Artificial Intelligence

In this lecture you will learn through practical examples about fairness, bias and ethics in artificial intelligence. The following topics are discussed:
* Different types of Artificial Intelligence
* Basics of Machine Learning
* Issues with AI and machine learning
* Expert annotation and …

Fairness and Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

In this lecture you will learn through practical examples about fairness, bias and ethics in artificial intelligence. The following topics are discussed:
* Positioning ethics in Artificial Intelligence
* Different types of Artificial Intelligence
* Practical examples of what not to do
* Defining …

Better Together - The principle of partnering to do more

Smart people and businesses know their own strengths and weaknesses, smarter people and businesses address their own weaknesses by utilising the strengths of their partner networks.
This lecture covers the principles that help identify, form and operationalise partnerships and alliances, using …



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Technology, Talent and Transformation - Rethink the Modern Workforce

With the raising speed of demanding new skills in the workforce effective life-long learning is the only way to handle this. Universities have to prepare students for life-long learning. Moreover there is a chance for them to become life-long partners …

Artificial Intelligence with IBM Watson

In this lecture you will learn through fun and practical examples what artificial intelligence is, and what the challenges are with this technology. Learn how artificial intelligence can be created, how you yourself contribute to make these systems increasingly smarter, …