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Supplier Diversity Insights

Provided insights into IBM's Supplier Diversity program, definition of a diverse business, challenges and success stories

to students at University of Fribourg, Switzerland - American College Program

Holistic automation approach with Digital Business Automation @ IBM

Lecture on the holistic automation approach @ IBM with the Digital Business Automation / Cloud Pak for Automation platform.

IoT, Cloud and AI Workshop: Build your first cognitive IoT-application

This workshop gives you a first hands-on experience on how to connect an «Internet of Things» (IoT) device to the IBM Cloud. You will use NodeRed and the Watson Services available on the IBM Cloud to build cognitive IoT-applications. The …

Industry-specific quantum computing use cases and applications

In this session, I provide an introduction to quantum computing and then focus on potential quantum use cases and applications relevant to different industries.


AI / AutomationQuantum

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Watson Studio and Deep Learning

In this session I will teach how to use Watson Studio platform for the development of machine learning and deep learning pipelines and algorithms.

I will explain the basics of machine learning, difference with deep learning, and then will demostrate …


AI / Automation

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Building Quantum Algorithms

How to code quantum algorithms? In this lecture I will explain the essentials of quantum computers, what quantum algorithms can and can't do, the main use cases and advantages comparing to the classical computing.

I will explain how quantum phenomena …



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