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Blockchain Today and Tomorrow

Leading-edge leaders have built blockchain networks to reinvent their businesses, but the potential of this technology goes far beyond what we see today in production.
In this session, Carlos Rischioto, IBM's Blockchain technical leader in Brazil, will present the concept of …



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Data Science with Python

This is a two-parts hands-on training where I walk the audience through the basics coding skills required for Data Science from a Software Engineering perspective. I start playing with Python and its programming paradigm. Then I introduce a few data …

Gamification AND Agile in a Nutshell

Gamification and Agile are both very important words when it comes to team motivation, but, believe me, these two concepts have way more in common than meets the eye. What if you could learn the basics of them BOTH in …

Applying Agile & Gamification in Completely Unexpected Moments

If you think Agile methodologies can only be applied in given IT projects, the time has come to think about it again. Let's understand together the meaning of "agile to the core" and how it relates to gamification somehow.

How Can Gamification Be A Game Changer?

Gamification is, each day more, a buzz word being used by companies. But what does it really mean? We're not talking about games, but about a powerful methodology that can really leverage business results in pretty much any area.