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Using Python to tackle Data Science challenges

This lecture makes the link between the profession of the Data Scientist, with the practical application using Python and its visualization libraries. So, not only the data collection and manipulation aspects are discussed, but also the analysis and visualization tasks …

Discover Quantum Computing with Qiskit

This lecture allows the students to start learning the Quantum Computing principles while using Qiskit. The students are guided with their installation of Qiskit and then create a series of Jupyter Notebooks that allow to actively learn step-by-step. What are …


Cloud & DataQuantum

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Global Location Strategy

The international economic landscape is being fundamentally altered by the twin impacts of changing trade regimes and digital disruption. As such, we are witnessing a transformation of corporate activity and economic globalization. Companies are therefore constantly changing their global operating …



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AI & Ethics

Talk on AI & ethics, stripping away hype and fear from AI, showing how it makes mistakes, what the impact of these mistakes is on society and how we can address those challenges so we can all benefit from this …

What is blockchain for business?

What is blockchain?
Blockchain is a shared, replicated ledger that underpins technology such as Bitcoin. Blockchain's reach is wider than cryptocurrency however, as it sets out to provide the foundation for a new generation of transactional applications that establish trust …


BlockchainCloud & Data

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IT Strategy - Concepts

A strategy is important to an organization because it provices a sense of directions and outlines measuarable goals. An IT strategy has not only to keep the IT in line with the business, but has to enable competitive advantage to …



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Increase the Impact of your Data Scientists !

Data Scientists today make use of multiple Open Source technologies to leverage diverse data sources for business benefits. However, the collaboration with other Professionals (Data Engineers, Developers, Project Leaders, Analysts Architects) and their colleagues in the Data Science Team, does …

Quantum Computing Jumpstart

The pace of technological evolution in computing has been astonishing, allowing for amazing innovation for business and society. However, the complexity and size of the challenges that people want to solve with information and communication technology, make that conventional computers …

Enriching Chatbots with Knowledge Discovery using Watson

Chatbots are applied today in many Industry Sectors and Business Processes. But a best practice is to prepare and train the Chatbot for 80 % of the rather routine questions, while the remaining 20 % of more difficult questions should …

Using Watson for Innovation with Articial Intelligence

In this lecture, the concepts Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are clearly defined and illustrated. Next, different focus categories of AI are discussed: Conversational Services, Knowledge Search and Smart Extensions. Each of the categories is …