IoT, Cloud and AI Workshop: Build your first cognitive IoT-application

Youri Böhler


This workshop gives you a first hands-on experience on how to connect an «Internet of Things» (IoT) device to the IBM Cloud. You will use NodeRed and the Watson Services available on the IBM Cloud to build cognitive IoT-applications. The workshop is divided in various exercises listed below.

The content of the workshop is:
This workshop you will work with NodeRed, the IBM Cloud, the IoT Platform and several Watson Servicesl You will import a NodeRed flow and add the credentials to your application. Afterwards you will see how you can process unstructured data like text or audio.

In order to do the workshop you need fulfill the following prerequisites:
1. Hardware components:
* RaspberryPi (I am using a Model 3B)
* RaspberryPi Camera
* Computer to access the RaspberryPi remotely (or a monitor, keyboard and screen if you want to work directly on your RaspberyPi)
* Various cables to connect the RaspberryPi
2. Software installations, updates and configurations on the RaspberryPi
* Install Node-RED (version: v1.X.X)
* Install Node.js (version: v8.X.X)
* Install (NPM version: 6.X.X)
* Enable Remote access with ssh, VNC-Viewer or other Remote Toos. (I use a mix of both)


Photo of Youri Böhler

As an Innovation Architect, Youri Böhler from IBM takes care of technologies that deals with both the present and the future. With agile methods, such as Design Thinking, together with his clients he takes up the latest technologies and develops disruptive solutions and new business models. This efficient and customer centric approach allows him to develop solutions that matters now and in the future.

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