The Savvy Risk Taker

Fernando Lopez


Managing Risks is a daily task for all of us, where we are trying to rationalize and make decisions around the uncertainty of what may or may not happen the future, which is significant to successfully manage such Risks. This lecture seeks to introduce students to one key foundation of Project Management and IT Security Specialists in a friendly and interactive learning mode.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

• Define and understand the importance of managing Risks
• Articulate Risks statements
• Assess and manage Risks
• Determine the level of response to Risks
• Understand Risk Management during a Project Lifecyle
• Understand the benefits and value of Compliance
• Develop an action plan for Risk Management and Compliance


Photo of Fernando Lopez

Fernando Lopez is the Data Security & Privacy Risk and Compliance Leader for IBM Services in UK & Ireland and has over 11 years experience managing IT Projects of different sizes and complexities across multiple Industries.

In his current role, Fernando uses his experience delivering IT solutions in guiding Teams and Clients on the best practices for implementing Data Security Technical and Organizational Measures and comply with the latest Standards and Regulations, as well as being actively involved in Audits related to Application Security Management.


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