Discover Quantum Computing with Qiskit

Eric Michiels


This lecture allows the students to start learning the Quantum Computing principles while using Qiskit. The students are guided with their installation of Qiskit and then create a series of Jupyter Notebooks that allow to actively learn step-by-step. What are Qubits? What is Superposition? What is Entanglement? What are Typical Quantum Gates? How to create my first Quantum Algorithm? All these questions will be resolved in a practical manner. The Qiskit Textbook is often referred to, but this lecture has a lower threshold and is a perfect introduction to understand more advanced topics.


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Eric Michiels is Executive Architect at IBM (Level 3 Certified a.k.a. "Thought Leader"). Eric has occupied multiple roles in his career: Developer, Analyst, Database Administrator, Consultant, Instructor, Education Manager, IT Specialist, Team Leader, and Architect. As such Eric has a broad knowledge with multiple technologies, architectural styles, methodologies, project approaches, and industries. He also has some areas with deep dive skills: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing and Mainframe. He also has experience with Internet of Things, Blockchain and Robotic Process Automation. As Master Mathematics and Master Informatics, Eric has maintained a strong affinity with the Academic World and regularly lectures at Universities, Colleges and High Schools.

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