Intelligent Electricity, Water and Gas!

Wolfram Rozas Rodriguez


Summary of Energy & Utilities industrial solutions including:

• Asset Predictive Maintenance. Corrosion
• Health, Safety and Environment
• Cognitive Knowledge Management

• Demand Management
• Renewable Energy Forecasting

• Guarantees of Origin
• Energy Dis-aggregation
• Peer-to-peer


Photo of Wolfram Rozas Rodriguez

Wolfram is a quantitative economist
His current mission is to sell large industrial solutions in the Energy and Utilities industry. It is responsible for the market understanding of IBM solutions and its value proposition. These industrial solutions are based on several exponential technologies like Big Data platform, Cognitive Systems, Deep Analytical systems, IoT, Blockchain or Quantum Computing.

He has directed the Executive Big Data & Business Analytics Program and recently the Artificial Intelligence Program at EOI (Escuela de Organización Industrial). AHe is a regular speaker at Business Schools and Universities in seminars on Big Data and Analytics in general. He has published numerous articles on the subject. He has more than 20 years of experience in leading Analytics projects in the financial, telecommunications, distribution, tourism and transport, mass consumption and energy and utilities industrial sectors..

He currently leads the Energy and Utilities industry developing new cognitive solutions that include demand management and renewables prediction solutions, asset planning and optimization, health safety and envrionment, cognitive contact center, cognitive knowledge management, flexibility energy/peer-to-peer trading/behind the meter Blockchain use cases among others.

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