Working as a Consultant in an Agile World

Peter Bredsdorff Lange


The newspapers are full of cases were expert consultants have developed ‘good’ solutions – but to the wrong problem. The solution does not make the problem go away, or the ‘solution’ just creates new and even worse problems. The issue is that many of today’s social and technological problems involves complex dilemmas that evade simple solutions.
Moreover, we often do not invest the effort needed to understand what causes the problems; and in many cases, no simple cause-effect relationships exist. The course gives a view into the IBM consulting profession and its career path, as well as into IBM Design Thinking.


Photo of Peter Bredsdorff Lange

"Make digital living human" is my motto.

I am an evangelist and technologist who take the role as a catalyst for change. I break down paradigms and then build them up again with new strong digital dimensions.

I am particular proud of the work I have done on building new digital paradigms for cities, healthcare and insurance. These major domains have become vulnerable and therefore ripe for rethinking because of climate challenges, demographic shifts and global economic disruptions. Other industries in particular banking and transportation are up now.

I have a long background of being a pioneer in start-ups as well as in IBM where I have broken new ground for IBM across the world.

I am engaged in the vitality and relevancy of IBM's technical community and have formal responsibility for the on-going validation of our technical professionals and their skills.

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