Quantum Computing and IBM Quantum: An Introduction

Mikael Haglund


Quantum computers hold the promise of solving entirely new categories of problems that are beyond the reach of today’s most powerful computers. This lecture will introduce quantum computing, what makes it different from classical computers, what are the typical first application areas for quantum computing, and how can you start using it today. There is also an option to add a short introduction to using the IBM Quantum Experience for “drag-and-drop” and python based quantum programming using Qiskit.


Photo of Mikael Haglund

Mikael Haglund, CTO, IBM Sweden. He is technical spokesperson for IBM, and spots and evangelizes about coming trends. As technical advisor for Swedish enterprises he drives innovation, digitalization and the adoption of new technologies such as AI, internet of things, blockchain and quantum computing. He has experiences ranging from chasing nano seconds in system designs to finding suitable business models.

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