Jumpstart on building clever virtual assistants (chatbots)

Jan Louda


Virtual Assistants, a more advanced chatbots, are getting popular as automated customer touchpoints. During this workshop we will get to know the basic building blocks of chatbots - intents, entities, dialog and context. These blocks are nowadays considered to be standard for many chatbot tools, not only Watson Assistant.
Once we master the building blocks, we will create our own chatbot that will bring us information about International Space Station.

Artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing intro
Chatbots and assistants - what are they for?
Anatomy of a chatbot
Introduction to IBM Cloud environment and Watson Assistant service
Basic building blocks - intents, entities, dialog
Working with context
Building your own chatbot

In longer workshops we are also covering some special features of Watson Assistant like:
- connecting to webhooks,
- using "Slots" to gather user data,
- using "Digressions" if there is an ambiguity

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Photo of Jan Louda

I am an Enterprise Design Thinking Coach that is enthusiastic about technologies. I design educational programs for universities and high-schools, organise hackathons, workshops and experience-events.

I am a designer(d ), maker and a technology tourist.

www.tjbot.cz, www.iotlaborator.cz, entanglion.github.io.

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