Watson goes to school, Cognitive Services & Node-red 2/3

Jaime Requejo Tovar


The sessions are in Spanish, and are already recorded
Session given to kids between 16 and 20 years old, in their initiation into the world of AI.
In session 1 we focus on cognitive as well as IBM's cloud services
In session 2 we introduce Node-red, as the orchestrator of the cognitive services
In session 3 we introduces the Watson Asistant service as well as the creation of a Node-red application that integrates various services.


Photo of Jaime Requejo Tovar

I'm in charge of the technical-commercial activity in the region, Spain, Portugal, Israel, & Greece orchestrating the pre-sales efforts of IBM resources, including products, services & cognitive solutions in various industries.
Technical leader in charge of the roadmap of the industrial solutions, public sector, health, banking & insurance sectors.
Helping the sales people in the industry solution department, defining the different innovation agendas for different executives in clients (CEO, CIO, CTO, CISO).
Director of the IBM Scholarship Program, currently between 40 - 60 students.
Architect of the value proposition in the Healthcare sector.
Responsible for the Data architect in Global Market.

I currently teach real use cases in Artificial Intelligence area, Channel Implementation to Customers with Virtual
Assistants & Natural Language Processing at several Universities.

Lecture languages

Spanish; Castilian


AI / Automation

Duration options

1 hour

Travel/delivery options

In-countryNo travel required: On DemandOutside of country: Open for discussionRemote via video conference



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