RPA ( Robotics Process Automation )

Cristeam Caiola Pasquier


Cristeam has a technical background working as full stack developer in a couple of start-ups then he move towards the Automation area as a developer, IT architecture and team lead with main focus on Robotics Process Automation.

He also has a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence and another one in Astrophysics with a online complete program of Quantum Computing in MiT Xpro


Photo of Cristeam Caiola Pasquier

Cristeam tiene una trayectoria tecnica empezando como full stack developer en start-ups y luego moviendose al campo de las big fours en el area de Cognitive Process Automation donde ha ejercido como developer, IT architect and team lead con especial foco en el area de Robotics Process Automation.

El también tiene un Master's degree en Artificial Intelligence y otro en Astrophysics junto con un online program in MIT sobre Quantum Computing Fundaments

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