Making your digital transformation a success - Cybersecurity helps reduce digital risk

Sebastien Jardin


Cybersecurity is a business subject, not an IT only centric area. In order to reach entreprise digital resilience, embrase sustainable innovation through digital transformation, we must reduce cyber risk and this is the role of cybersecurity experts. But this is also the role of business lines, not cybersecurity experts, to take into account that they must act as the first line of cyberdefense because they want to succeed and if their innovation comes with digital, they must work with CISOs and think about cyber risk into their project. These conferences are an introduction to cybersecurity for non expert people (Top Management, Marketing, Finance, Suppply Chain...) based on concrete example and reflexes from the field.


Photo of Sebastien Jardin

I'm the Director of IBM Security France business development, and this mission makes me interact with various profiles coming from Management & Consulting firms to C-Levels at customers and students in the major Business & IT Shools in France. My topic is to share our cybersecurity helps reduce digital risk, secure digital transformation and allow entreprise resilience. My speech is designed around concrete cyber attacks examples, field must have reflexes, business impact on the companies... This is a 1 hour introduction to cybersecurity has a business supporting subject I present into conferences in France for the last two years.

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