Global Location Strategy

Roland Spee


The international economic landscape is being fundamentally altered by the twin impacts of changing trade regimes and digital disruption. As such, we are witnessing a transformation of corporate activity and economic globalization. Companies are therefore constantly changing their global operating models and footprints.
This lecture talks about the latest trends in global location selection and what corporate strategies and/or disruptive events are behind these trends. Trade wars, Brexit, increasing automation, war for talent, and others are examples of "transformation drivers" that have major impact on corporate footprints.
The lecture continues with an explanation fo how companies make location decisions in real life: which strategies make companies decide to expand or change their footprint, what factors do the considers, which approaches, wat are the pitfalls, and what can we learn from past mistakes?
The lecture leverages 60 years of expertise from IBM's global Center of Competence for location strategy and economic development consulting known as Plant Location International (PLI).


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Roel Spee is global leader of Plant Location International (IBM-PLI) which is the global center of excellence in IBM Global Business Services for corporate location strategies and economic development services. Roel has over 30 years of experience as location strategy and economic development consultant.
During his career, Roel has built up strong expertise in advising international companies in location choices for a broad variety of industries and investment projects. Besides being a key advisor to IBM internally, Roel has assisted corporate executives from international companies around the world with their strategic location choices for over 300 projects.
Roel also leverages his pragmatic experience working directly with international companies in their location selection projects for advising economic development organizations: developing and implementing both marketing strategies to attract new and retain present businesses, as well as economic development strategies for improving business conditions in their regions. Clients include over 100 economic development organizations worldwide, many of which have been assisted with multiple engagements.
Roel is the original creator of several assets that have become industry standards in the location strategy business, such as the Cost-Quality location benchmarking methodology, the Global Location Trends database and annual reports, as well as various techniques for evaluating FDI performance.
Roel is one of the founding members of the Site Selectors Guild, an association of the worldwide most reputable site selection consultants. He is also a member of the International Advisory Committee of the International Asset Management Council (IAMC).

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