AI bots, what are they and how can/do they affect your role as a Leader/Manager?

Henning Bech


Created so it can serve as a discussion starter for teachers delivering leadership training or used for starting a class discussion.

Through a combination of talk, video demonstration and Q&A the focus is on understanding what AI bots are, some of their uses and the leadership dilemmas/opportunities/etc. related to applying AI and Cognitive Computing.

Target is 1-1½ hour including Q&A, but it can be adjusted depending on what the discussion is to achieve.


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Leader of a Nordic Transition and Transformation Team within Program Management.

Extensive leadership experience from IBM and Danish Defense

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AI / AutomationLeadership Development

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1 hour

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In-countryNo travel required: On DemandOutside of country: Open for discussionRemote via video conference



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