Agile, don't just do. Be.

Tamir Hagashi


The methodology of Agile, originally used in Software Development, has spread its wings, as business community starts to talk about Business Agility and Agile leaders.
The purpose of this lecture is to provide an initial introduction to the world of Agile, its culture and environment. Agile changes the way we think, observe, plan and undertake tasks in order to deliver outstanding results.

We discuss the main values, principles and practices of Agile and demonstrate how it can be useful in undertaking tasks in all areas of life: whether at work, university or at home with our families.

Tasks may simple or complex. One time, such as planning a vacation or longer-term, such as building a house. Topics introduced during the lecture include:
Agile values, Dealing with mistakes, Key questions that should be asked, Formulating strategy, Agile execution techniques


Photo of Tamir Hagashi

Tamir Hagashi is Transformation & Operations Team Leader at IBM Petach Tikva site. Tamir has an M.A. degree in Hebrew and Semitic Languages from Bar-Ilan university.

Lecture languages

EnglishHebrewSpanish; Castilian


Digital Reinvention

Duration options

1 hour

Travel/delivery options

In-countryOutside of country: Open for discussionRemote via video conference



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