IBM 2020

Thomas Dinsen


From punchcard machines to quantum computers. What is the state of IBM 2020? Where did we come from, where are we today, and where are we headed?
I'd love to give my take on on the abovementioned questions.


Photo of Thomas Dinsen

Thomas Dinsen is an academic with his head in the clouds, but both feet firmly planted on the ground.

Two statements that we keep hearing concerning the future is that:
Data is the future.
Children are the future.

In his line of work with IBM, Thomas gets to work with some of the smartest intellectuals he has have ever met. Together they create excellent customer experiences with industry-leading products in storage, servers and, mainframes.
With acclaimed and renowned products we make sure that the world's IT-Infrastructure works smoothly and seamlessly.

In his spare time, he devotes his knowledge concerning healthy life choices and an active lifestyle in a volunteer effort with FitforKids - a non-profit NGO dedicated to heightening the health and wellbeing of overweight children and their families.

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