AI in Space - Project CIMON

Matthias Biniok


In 2018, IBM Watson was sent to the International Space Station (ISS) as part of the CIMON (Crew Interactive MObile companioN) project developed by Airbus Defence & Space for the German Space Agency (DLR). CIMON is a mobile and autonomously free-flying assistance system designed to support astronauts with their daily tasks on the ISS. In addition, CIMON is designed to be able to perform social interaction, non-evasive stress analysis, and shall be used to identify psychological countermeasures against isolation effects. This was the first form of artificial intelligence (AI) on an ISS mission. The session will explain the approach and which Watson APIs were used. At the end of the session, we will talk about the current status, prospects and possibilities for this project.


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Matthias Biniok studied computer science and IT management in Jena, Tel Aviv and Frankfurt am Main. He worked in several departments at IBM, e.g. as project manager in transformation projects in the banking industry. Because of his high interest in artificial intelligence Matthias started working as Cognitive Solution Architect at IBM Watson in Munich. In December 2017 Matthias was appointed Lead Watson Architect for the DACH region. He is project lead and AI architect of Project CIMON (sending an autonomously free-flying robot with AI powered by IBM Watson to the international space station).

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