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James Luke


This lecture follows on from "How To Survive An AI Winter" and examines in detail how to ensure an AI project is doable.

After a short AI primer, to explain some fudamentals of AI, this lecture quickly focusses on the solution engineering and the factors that need to be considered in delivering a working AI solution. Throughout the lecture, James uses real examples from real projects acquired in over 25 years delivering working solutions.


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James Luke is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and Master Inventor. In his IBM career, James has held several key leadership roles including being Chief Architect for Watson Tools and has over 25 years’ experience in the delivery of machine learning and cognitive systems. Other roles include Chief Architect for i2 intelligence products and the lead architect for the Text Analytics Group.

Prior to joining IBM, James worked as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) consultant with Data Sciences (Data Sciences was taken over by IBM in 1996). Whilst at Data Sciences, James managed a number of AI projects for both military and commercial clients. Examples of this work range from the development adaptive systems for EW classification to the identification of wavering customers for a major superstore (Safeway).

James completed his first degree, in Electronic Engineering Systems, at the Royal Naval Engineering College whilst serving as an Officer in the Weapons Engineering branch. In 2003 he completed a PhD with the Image, Speech and Intelligent Systems (ISIS) group of the University of Southampton researching the Application of Intelligent Agents in Information Systems Protection.

James is an experienced conference speaker and a keen inventor with many patent applications filed and 14 patents awarded.

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