How Do You Like Your Phish?

Alon Freund


Phishing is one of the early, simple and cost-effective scams in the internet.
Using Social engineering, an attacker aims to acquire sensitive information like passwords and credit card details, for malicious reasons. The attacker is doing so by masquerading as a trustworthy entity (Hi There, It’s Shula from your bank speaking...)

We will see how easy it is, for an attacker, to create a phishing web site with a very(!) small budget, what kind of technics he uses to make us think that a phishing web site is legitimate, and how to avoid from falling a pray to a phishing scam.


Photo of Alon Freund

Alon Freund is working at the Cyber Security Center of Excellence, located in Beer-Sheva. His main fields of interest are network security and data science. Alon received his B.Sc. From the communication systems engineering department at Ben Gurion University.

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