Node-RED and IBM Watson Workshop: Build Innovative AI Apps Without Coding Experience!

Gary Wilson


Getting started with developing web and mobile applications can be a minefield! Learning HTML and CSS technologies in order to build web pages, and programming languages like Javascript or Python to create application code takes a long time … so wouldn’t it be great if you could build apps visually, without needing to be an experienced programmer?

Enter IBM Cloud and Node-RED.

Node-RED is an open-source graphical development tool that helps you rapidly create applications by wiring together functions written by the developers of the tool and the wider Node-RED community - with very little and sometimes no coding required!

And as Node-RED runs in the IBM Cloud, it also provides access to a huge number of ready-built capabilities you can use to build Node-RED applications, including IBM Watson artificial intelligence, Twitter, Weather Company, email, SMS and mapping services, as well as a number of different databases and file storage systems such as Dropbox.

This workshop will take you through creating your own personal Node-RED development environment, and walk you through creating your first applications, including:

- setting up your own Node-RED environment on the IBM Cloud
- creating a "Hello World!" application
- building an application to analyse the text from a webpage
- creating a live, publicly available dashboard application that uses IBM Watson to analyse the sentiment of a news or other internet article
- setting up an AI-based image recognition dashboard application that can classify the objects in a given image
- importing earthquake data from a third party source, and use it to automatically map recent seismic activity
- building an application to recognise languages and perform translations


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I'm the Technical Leader and CTO for IBM's UK and Ireland Commercial Business Unit, helping our clients across all industries improve their business results through the use of IBM's technology and services. I work with clients on cognitive computing, AI, chatbots, visual recognition, natural language understanding, low-code application development, IBM Watson, blockchain, Design Thinking, cloud computing, Node-RED. And a bunch of other stuff!

I also lead:

- IBM's Digital Skills Academy program, helping to build contemporary technical and business skills in early career technical professionals (both in IBM and our clients), with the goal of making attendees more productive and confident in addressing client business problems.

- IBM's Rapid Prototyping Team, a multi-disciplinary group of IBM early career professionals who create prototypes that bring client conversations to life, demonstrating the art of the possible and the feasibility of technology solutions that address client pain points, in a matter of weeks.

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