Getting results with simple and pragmatic IoT (level 1)

Russell McKay


Engineers have always found ways of finding out what's happening with their equipment - maybe it's a screwdriver held against a noisy bearing, feeling the motor cage temperature with your hand and using a tongue tester to check electric current. No matter how much complex analytics equipment is available, the fundamental physical properties of equipment will never change. This presentation explains how you can use relatively simple, inexpensive IoT based solutions to capture temperature, electrical current and vibration data common to most manufacturing equipment. This is a level 1 lecture aimed at IS / IT and Engineering students with an interest in using IoT in Manufacturing. The level 2 lecture dives into more of the technical details on adapting IoT with AI and machine learning.


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I have been working as an engineer for the past 40 years - starting my career at Rolls-Royce Aerospace and after 17 years 'hands-on' engineering I moved to IBM. I have continued to work with engineering and manufacturing customers in a variety of domains.

I am a highly experienced, multiple domain industry specialist, having technically led many opportunities in manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, transportation, healthcare, construction and facility management.

I am one of two certified Building Management Systems (BMS) engineers in IBM Europe and have led engagements at ISS, Bouygues, Scottish NHS and IBM. My expertise on BMS systems is around the integration of these technologies into Maximo and Tririga.

I am the WW expert on Building Information Modelling (BIM) having led BIM projects at Gatwick Airport, La Guardia Airport, Toronto Airport, Tyrens, Waternet, Irish Water, Bouygues and Interserve.

I have a history of working with IoT technologies. Even before the internet was invented, I was responsible for the design, manufacturing and implementation of many sensors while working at Rolls-Royce Aerospace.

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