Is Data Oxygen? The risk of not knowing!

Marc Peters


Starting from the responsibility Energy, Environment and Utility companies have for the environment and climate change this lecture highlights key areas where data, advanced analytics and AI/ML is applied today by scientists and organisations to become more data insights driven. A systemic approach around 6 Ds (Dimensions) describes on one side the transformation domains from an industry perspective, but can also easily adapted to the data side and provide a clear proof point that data is not only to be considered as oxygen for the organisation but also oxygen for the citizens. The risk of not knowing becomes very obvious in that context.


Photo of Marc Peters

Marc Peters is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and IBM’s Chief Technology Officer for Energy, Environment and Utilities in Europe. He is guiding his clients through the challenges of digital transformation and helping them on their journey towards a cognitive enterprise. He is a frequent speaker on external and internal international events.

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