Quantum Computing and IBM Q: An Introduction

Jan B. Lillelund


Quantum computing is getting a significant amount of attention these days, especially since IBM put a real 5-qubit machine online in May 2016. Since then, over 100,000 people have themselves directly used the no-charge IBM Q Experience and created software using the open source Qiskit quantum computing software development framework.

There is a key question though: Why?

Is quantum computing just a flashy new alternative to the “classical” computers that are our smartphones, laptops, cloud servers, high performance computers, and mainframes?

Can they really perform some calculations faster than classical computers can? How do you characterize those areas where they can or potentially can do better? Can you prove it?

Invite Jan B. Lillelund to give you the answers to this and also have him explain how quantum computers work and where we are headed with this exciting new technology.

You can also invite Jan with his team to give a workshop where people can get the opportunity to try out a real Quantum Computer, running a real workload and see the results. All without having to be a Quantum Physicist.


Photo of Jan B. Lillelund

Jan Lillelund is an IBM CTO and an executive technical leader in application and platform innovation with a special focus on emerging and complex technologies. He has more than 35 years of experience with technical architecture on various assignments in a number of industries.  He has a strong focus on innovation and leverages his extensive network and wide knowledge in developing solutions for his customers.  He is a hands-on technologist used to working on the business level as well as implementing advanced and emerging technology successfully. Jan draws from an experience with a large number of complex and often international projects within infrastructure and applications, covering almost all aspects of IT solutions.
In his role as CTO, Jan engages with Customers from startups to large enterprises on subjects such as Cognitive Computing / Machine Learning, Big Data, Analytics, Blockchain and Quantum Computing. Jan is also a sought-after speaker and recognized subject matter expert on a number of emerging technologies.

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