Extreme Automation - RPA and AI

Julio Cruz


The extension of RPA with embedded AI capabilities epitomizes this statement. AI utilizes information gathered from various sources and feeds that information to tools and products to increase the value of their interactions. RPA provides value in automating processes based on structured data, many of which previously required manual intervention.

Intelligent Workflow is a front-to-back, end-to-end coordination of business functions which uses cool technology such as AI and IoT to deliver a data-drive, automated workflow. More recently, the market has defined Digital Worker as a category of software robots, which are trained to perform specific tasks or processes in partnership with their human colleagues.


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An energetic, motivated and highly dynamic Artificial Intelligence / Cognitive / RPA / SENIOR PROJECT EXECUTIVE with excellent strategic, vision, planning and operation skills and extensive experience and proven success leading strategy and developing new business for IT, Cloud, Engineering management, Process Automation, Service Delivery, Banking, Consulting, Outsourcing services, Software companies, Telecom operators, Oil & Gas industry, Government, Enterprises, finance and Accounting environments, Mobility and Network services.

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