Increase the Impact of your Data Scientists !

Eric Michiels


Data Scientists today make use of multiple Open Source technologies to leverage diverse data sources for business benefits. However, the collaboration with other Professionals (Data Engineers, Developers, Project Leaders, Analysts Architects) and their colleagues in the Data Science Team, does not always occur in a streamlined fashion. Moreover, integrating the artifacts and the generated result sets from different tools is a challenge . Data Scientists often do a great job, but their learning process should be accelerated and their impact optimized. The lecture explains how this can be achieved, from the Process point of view, as well as from the Tooling point of view. The lecture takes the audience one step further that just conceptual thinking, using clarifying demonstrations.


Photo of Eric Michiels

Eric Michiels is Executive Architect at IBM (Level 3 Certified a.k.a. "Thought Leader"). Eric has occupied multiple roles in his career: Developer, Analyst, Database Administrator, Consultant, Instructor, Education Manager, IT Specialist, Team Leader, and Architect. As such Eric has a broad knowledge with multiple technologies, architectural styles, methodologies, project approaches, and industries. He also has some areas with deep dive skills: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing and Mainframe. He also has experience with Internet of Things, Blockchain and Robotic Process Automation. As Master Mathematics and Master Informatics, Eric has maintained a strong affinity with the Academic World and regularly lectures at Universities, Colleges and High Schools.

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