Quantum Computing Jumpstart

Eric Michiels


The pace of technological evolution in computing has been astonishing, allowing for amazing innovation for business and society. However, the complexity and size of the challenges that people want to solve with information and communication technology, make that conventional computers are reaching their limits. The reality of both physics and economics threaten the progression of Moore's Law. Scientists and engineers have been exploring alternatives to classical computers. One of these stands above the others in terms of its speed, power and potential: Quantum Computers.

Quantum Computers will tackle what is impossible today and will provide extraordinary business advantages in several industries. IBM is a leader in this new paradigm with IBM Q, which is an industry-first initiative to build commercially available universal Quantum Computers for business and science.

As such it is more than worthwhile to attend the session "Quantum Computing Jumpstart"! You are introduced to the basic principles of Quantum Computing, such as superposition and entanglement, and its differences with classical computing. You learn about typical types of challenges where Quantum Computers are relevant. Possible early and future use cases in different industries are explained. It is also very valuable to understand the relationship with the basics, quantum physics and its associated mathematics. Thru demonstrations (and guided exercises), you get a feeling of the "nature" of Quantum Computing. You are introduced to the practice of developing applications for Quantum Computers. And of course, the discipline and challenge of developing Quantum Computing algorithms is presented. All these topics will motivate you to dive deeper into and follow up the Quantum Computing phenomenon!


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Eric Michiels is Executive Architect at IBM (Level 3 Certified a.k.a. "Thought Leader"). Eric has occupied multiple roles in his career: Developer, Analyst, Database Administrator, Consultant, Instructor, Education Manager, IT Specialist, Team Leader, and Architect. As such Eric has a broad knowledge with multiple technologies, architectural styles, methodologies, project approaches, and industries. He also has some areas with deep dive skills: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing and Mainframe. He also has experience with Internet of Things, Blockchain and Robotic Process Automation. As Master Mathematics and Master Informatics, Eric has maintained a strong affinity with the Academic World and regularly lectures at Universities, Colleges and High Schools.

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