Blockchain Today and Tomorrow

Carlos Lessandro Lopes Rischioto


Leading-edge leaders have built blockchain networks to reinvent their businesses, but the potential of this technology goes far beyond what we see today in production.
In this session, Carlos Rischioto, IBM's Blockchain technical leader in Brazil, will present the concept of Blockchain for Business, show production-intensive Blockchain use cases
and bring examples from different industries that are testing this technology to revolutionize their business.


Photo of Carlos Lessandro Lopes Rischioto

Information Technology Professional for over 20 years. Graduated in Bachelor of Computer Science from Universidade São Francisco (2000) and graduated in Full Licentiate in Computer Science from Universidade São Francisco (1999).

Specialist in technologies and products aimed at application development, integration, artificial intelligence and Cloud, having several certifications in the area, he is an IBM official instructor as well as a developer of the certification exams.

Working since 2016 with Blockchain technologies, today he Lead Architect $ Blockchain SME at IBM Garage Latin America and member of the Special Study Committee for Blockchain of ABNT, also a member of the SBC (Brazilian Computer Society), of the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

Recognised speaker in the market and mentor of Startups in Brazil and USA.

University professor since 2000, of Undergraduate, Post-Graduation and MBA courses focused on Technology, working today at FIAP, IBMEC and Saint Paul.

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