Enriching Chatbots with Knowledge Discovery using Watson

Eric Michiels


Chatbots are applied today in many Industry Sectors and Business Processes. But a best practice is to prepare and train the Chatbot for 80 % of the rather routine questions, while the remaining 20 % of more difficult questions should be answered via integration with a knowledge discovery solution. This is a nice theory and the lecture also provides the proof if its usefulness. And thanks to the IBM Watson Technology, this great approach can be put into practice. Watson Assistant, Watson Discovery and Watson Knowledge Studio are the "Three Musketeers" who will be able to tackle most of any enterprise Virtual Agent requirements. This lecture turns the "vision" into practice with clarifying demonstrations. The audience will leave the room with the desire to develop an integrated feature rich chatbot using Watson technologies!


Photo of Eric Michiels

Eric Michiels is Executive Architect at IBM (Level 3 Certified a.k.a. "Thought Leader"). Eric has occupied multiple roles in his career: Developer, Analyst, Database Administrator, Consultant, Instructor, Education Manager, IT Specialist, Team Leader, and Architect. As such Eric has a broad knowledge with multiple technologies, architectural styles, methodologies, project approaches, and industries. He also has some areas with deep dive skills: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing and Mainframe. He also has experience with Internet of Things, Blockchain and Robotic Process Automation. As Master Mathematics and Master Informatics, Eric has maintained a strong affinity with the Academic World and regularly lectures at Universities, Colleges and High Schools.

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