Introduction to Cyber Security

Dr Larry Dunn


The aims of the lecture are to:
Give an introduction to cyber security principles and risk analysis
Identify important frameworks and standards related to security
Highlight key legal and regulatory requirements affecting security measures
Provide details of security controls and their selection
Discuss the security challenges for Cloud

At the end of this unit the participants will be able to:
Explain the CIA Triad
Describe risks in terms of assets, threats and countermeasures
Explain the relevance of frameworks and standards
Identify potential weaknesses in applications and countermeasures to reduce the risk
Understand the selection criteria of security controls
Describe key regulations and why they are important to security
Describe key characteristics of cloud associated security challenges


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I'm currently working as a Security Consultant and Architect for IBM Security, designing and implementing IT cyber-security solutions for different clients in various industry types, ranging from banking, finance and insurance to retail and government agencies. I have been involved with IT security for over 15 years, performing different roles, such as Security Analyst and Security Manager.

I have a varied academic background. My first degree was in Sports Science, but I also have a Computer Science PhD and a MSc in Computer Information Systems. For my PhD I investigated the challenges and benefits for the use of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software components in software development projects.

Additionally, my first degree was in Spots Science. I have many years experience in the Health and Fitness domain, some spent as a physical fitness instructor and sports coach.

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