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Sheila O'Hara


Businesses are on the move to align with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and in every country that signed the Paris Agreement, government incentives are being put in place to encourage businesses to act.

These projects represent opportunities for IT solutions, both for technology and for services but it is important not to overlook the environmental and social impact of technology itself.
A series of challenges are impacting the world of computing today and need to be addressed in a holistic manner.

This is why an initiative called responsible.computing() was started by the IBM Academy of Technology in 2020. It brought together technical experts in all fields across IBM. A conscious choice has been made to approach the issue very broadly. On the one hand we cover the more traditional topics associated with running your computing infrastructure with domains like Data Center, Infrastructure, Code and their environmental impacts.

But responsible.computing() also encompasses a number of important social topics like ethics, diversity and inclusion, privacy and security under Data Usage, Systems and Impact.


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Sheila has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. Her journey began in the development of corporate social solutions. She then spent several years in software services and support before starting her current mission as a solutions architect for the distribution industry with a focus on Sustainability. Her current role allows her to mix several subjects that she is passionate about, technology, retail and especially sustainable development. Within the IBM solutions center where she works in Paris, she explains and shows daily how technology can help companies to differentiate themselves, personalize engagement with customers and above all implement more eco-responsible production and distribution models. She is also active in activities promoting science and technology in schools such as P-Tech and she chairs the Women in Tech community at IBM France.

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